An American Story #3: Thomas Maddin the Immigrant and Ste Genevieve, Missouri

My 4th Great Grandfather

Please do your own research and do not assume I’m correct.

It appears that many of my ancestors had Baltimore, Maryland as part of their early American journey.  The Phelps, Wainscotts, and Maddin families to name a few. Much has already been written about Immigrant Thomas Maddin (Madden) in Ste Genevieve and Washington Counties in Missouri, including his wife, Margaret (Brown) and their descendants. Thomas and Margaret were married in Baltimore, Maryland.  Lynn Fusinato has a very well written article titled, “Margaret Brown and Thomas Madden Family History”.  You can view it at:

As far as the Irish name Maddin goes…it is a variant of Madden.

Madden Family HistoryIrish (Galway): shortened Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Madáin ‘descendant of Madán’, a reduced form of Madadhán, from madadh ‘dog’ (see Madigan).

Thomas Maddin, Sr was born around 1733 according to his grave marker.  There are several contradictory documents concerning his birth date.  Family tales state he came to America because his family lost their land in Ireland some time before 1780. It is written that Catholics were being persecuted in Ireland during the 1700’s…and that their land could not be passed on to a single heir.  I wonder if this had anything to do with Thomas coming to America.

After the American Revolutionary War, (his burial stone states he participated in this War), he married Margaret Brown in Dec of 1783 in Baltimore, Maryland.  Her father, Richard Brown, also moved his family at about this time to Stony Creek, Virginia (now West Virginia) and purchased 1,100 acres and built a large home for the Brown family.  He eventually gave Thomas and Margaret a farm and Thomas sold it for $1,000 before moving his family to Ste Genevieve, Missouri where they would become very wealthy and live out the rest of their lives.

How I’m related:  I did not receive Thomas’ Irish blood…for my DNA shows no Irish at all.  However, I do show DNA connection to his offspring.  I am related to him through his son Richard Maddin. Richard married Margaret (McClanahan), and their son Thomas Maddin, who was  born abt 1822 in Missouri, was Thomas and Margaret’s grandson. This grandson married the Texan, Mary Strickland, in abt 1850 and their son, William Henry Maddin married Molly Lunsford,  from whom my Grandma Nellie was born in Texas.

thomas maddin stone

1st Generation:  The Immigrant, Thomas Maddin Sr born in Ireland and died 5 Mar 1838 in Washington County, Missouri.  He married Margaret Brown in 1783.  Her parents were Richard Brown (a Colonel under General George Washington) and Honour Wells. (I will do a separate Post on the Brown and Wells family).


According to Mary J Roe‘s book. “Genealogy of Gen. James
Wells and descendents” published in 1892…around 1807 Richard Brown had a visitor who later documented through a journal that Richard Brown had given a farm to his daughter Margaret (Brown) and her Irishman husband, a “Mr Maden” and that abt 1800 Mr Maden had then sold it for $1,000 and migrated to Ste Genevieve, Missouri, on the Mississippi. Mr Maden became a surveyor there with an income of $2,000 a year.  The visitor also wrote that despite his age (66) Richard Brown visited his daughter and family at Ste Genevieve in abt 1805. This visit is also recorded in the Brown Family Bible.  A long trip for an old Methodist, from West Virginia to Ste Genevieve, Missouri.

Two or more years before Thomas Maddin, Sr sold the farm in West Virginia, given to him by his father-in-law , Richard Brown, he and his two sons, Richard and Thomas, Jr went to Missouri to see what the opportunities were.  He obtained land grants from the Spanish Government and secured the position of deputy Surveyor under Antoine Soulard, the general Surveyor of Upper Louisiana under Spain, France and the United States during the period of 1796-1806.

“Ste Genevieve”, is distinguished as having been settled by the French.  Also, many of the French explorers as well as French priests influenced the population and several Catholic Churches were erected early on. Thomas Maddin became familiar enough with the French language that he was called upon at times to interpret for those in need.

Thomas Maddin, Sr offered to wager with a Mr Bolduc, as to who was the wealthiest in the County, but Mr Bolduc silenced him.  It appears the family had become very wealthy in Missouri.

In 1801 Spain signed a treaty giving Louisiana Territory back to France.  So I guess when the Maddins arrived it was owned by Spain…then went back to the French in 1801 before the United States purchased it in 1803 by acting President, Thomas Jefferson.  Missouri became a State in Aug of 1821.  The Immigrant, Thomas Madden, was living in Ste Genevieve, in what would later become the State of Missouri, through all of these different Country ownership transitions.

In 1804 the population was 1,300 and 1/3 were slaves.  Sadly the Maddin family were slave owners in Missouri.  Out of this population there also lived the David Strickland Family. As mentioned above, Mary Strickland, David Strickland’s granddaughter, would marry the grandson of Immigrant Thomas Maddin. The Strickland Family arrived in what would become Ste Genevieve, Missouri in about 1799 (before Statehood), and with the population of whites under a thousand…the two families probably knew each other even at that early date.

In Jan of 1810, Immigrant Thomas Maddin and sons, Richard, and Thomas, Jr all signed a Petition to Congress by inhabitants of Louisiana – Missouri Territory to establish a State Government.

2nd Generation:  Children of Thomas Maddin, Sr and Margaret (Brown).                DNA connected to date in red:

  1.  Richard Maddin (my 3rd great grandfather) born abt 1784 in Virginia and died 1844 in Ste Genevieve, County, Missouri.  Married Margaret (McClanahan) (See below for spelling variation). Executors of Will were to be his son Thomas Maddin and son-in-law Thomas Holmes…but because both were living out-of-state at his death, his son-in-law and nephew, Charles Maddin was made executor by the Judge.
  2. Honour (Honora) Maddin born abt 1785 in Baltimore, Maryland and died abt 1838 in Washington County, Missouri.  She married Colonel Nathaniel Cook. Nathaniel was involved in County and State politics.  He ran for Lt Governor of the State of Missouri in 1821.  His younger brother John D Cook was appointed U S District Attorney from Missouri and his wife was cousin to President Zachery Taylor.  Another brother, Congressman, Daniel Pope Cook is who Cook County, Illinois is named after – (Chicago).

    Daniel Pope Cook of whom Cook County, IL is named for
  3. Margaret Maddin born abt 1786 and died 1820 in Missouri.  She married Jacob Horine.  In family tales it is said that Jacob would talk abt $100,000 left to his father in Germany, but since he had more than enough property in Missouri, he never claimed it.  His father was a huge land owner with thousands of acres in Kentucky and Missouri… and was murdered by a gunshot while hunting.  The murder went unsolved.
  4. Thomas Maddin, Jr born abt 1787 in maybe Maryland? and died 2 Sep 1847 in Pope County, Arkansas.  Lived for a while next door to his brother Philip Maddin in Pope County, Arkansas.  Thomas Madden, Jr also ran a water powered mill near the forks, and soon other businesses were established in Perry County, Arkansas. I don’t know his wife’s name but he had at least two sons, Philip and Charles.
  5. Philip D Maddin born abt 1788 and died abt 1847 in probably Arkansas.  He never married and his estate was divided up by the State between his siblings (except William Israel Maddin who probably could not be found) and his nieces and nephews.
  6. William Israel Maddin born abt 1790 and died bef 1850 somewhere in California. He married Louisiana Dodge who’s parents were Henry Dodge and Christiana McDonald.  Henry Dodge was the 1st Governor of Territory of Wisconsin and after Statehood he was elected as a U S Senator of the State. William and Louisiana moved to Wisconsin with the Dodge family around 1826 where William Israel Maddin was a member of the First Constitutional Convention of Wisconsin from Iowa County. In 1845 William left his family in Wisconsin and went to California to prospect for gold.  He died there without ever striking it rich, leaving his wife and children to fend for themselves back in Wisconsin.  About 25 years later his widow and some of his children moved to Sonoma County, California, where they lived out their lives.  His only daughter Delia Maddin was committed to a California hospital for the Insane in 1896.
    young henry dodge
    Young Henry Dodge, Gov of Wisconsin, father of Louisiana Dodge.

    louisiana dodge
    Louisiana Dodge, wife of William Israel Maddin
  7. Nancy (or Mary) Ann Maddin born abt 1793 in Virginia and died 16 May 1870 in Missouri.  She married Josiah McClanahan (See below abt surname variation).  Josiah made an 800 mile trip on foot to Mexico in the middle of winter in 1809 where he was taken prisoner by the Spanish and worked mines for two years.  After his release he walked back to Ste Genevieve. Nancy Ann became a widow in 1840 and is the child that inherited Immigrant Thomas Maddin’s Mill.  At her death it went to her granddaughter Ann McGready and husband Robert Bust.
  8. James Maddin born abt 1796 in Missouri and died abt 1848 in Arkansas.  He married Mary Frances Bryan.  They would move to Pope County, Arkansas.
  9. Malachi Maddin born abt 1799 in Missouri and died abt 1859 in Missouri.  He married Caroline James.  At the death of both James and Caroline by 1860 their younger children were dispersed among his sister Nancy Ann (McClanahan) and his brother James Maddin.

3rd Generation:  Children of Richard Maddin and Margaret (McClanahan):  DNA connection known to date is in red.

Note:  In varying documents, McClanahan is sometimes spelled McLanahan.  Son Charles’ Idaho Death Record, states mother’s maiden name to be McClanahan.

  1. Honour “Hanna” Maddin born 1818 Ste Genevieve County, Missouri and died 1862 in St Louis, Missouri.  She married her 1st cousin, Charles Maddin (son of Thomas Maddin, Jr), who was chosen by the Judge to be the executor of Immigrant Thomas Maddin‘s Will.
  2. Rachel Ann Maddin born abt 1820 in Missouri and died abt 1852 in Perry County, Arkansas.  She married Dr Thomas Holmes, the son of William Holmes, Sr, a good friend of her fathers.  (William Holmes, Sr. had two sons that married Richard Maddin’s daughters: son, Thomas Holmes married Rachel…and son, William Isom Holmes married Margaret Maddin).
  3. Matilda Maddin born abt 1821 in Missouri.  She married James Henderson.  By 1850 she and her young son, James Franklin Henderson Sr, were living with her widowed mother. It is unclear what happened to her husband. She remained with her widowed mother until her mother’s death sometime after the 1870 Federal Census.
  4. Thomas Maddin (My 2nd great grandfather) born abt 1822 in Missouri and died sometime after the 1880 Austin, Travis County, Texas Federal Census.  He married 1) Mary Strickland and 2) Sarah J Unknown. (I will write more on him and his family later).
  5. Margaret Maddin born 1823 in Missouri and died 1899 in Perry County, Arkansas.  She married William Isom Holmes, Jr. (Son of William Holmes, Sr.). William Sr had two sons that married daughters of Richard Maddin.  Thomas Holmes married Rachel Maddin…and William Isom Holmes married Margaret Maddin.
  6. Charles Francis Maddin born 1830 in Missouri and died 1919 in Idaho.  He married Ella Frances Coleman.                                  
Charles Maddin
Charles Francis Madden s/o Richard Maddin and Margaret McClanahan.  Originally posted on by LynndallJStafford

7. Josephine Maddin born in 1840 in Missouri and died in 1892 in Fannin County, Texas.  She married Thomas Jefferson Hamor in 1860 in Ste Genevieve County, Missouri. His parents were Joel Hamor and Mary Ann Cannon.  It was Thomas’ second marriage for he married Rebecca Daniels in 1853, also in Ste Genevieve.  He and Rebecca had two children, Ellen and Jefferson Thomas.  After marrying Josephine Maddin he had four more children, Charles, Mary, Emma and Felix.  They were living in Hunt County, Texas by 1869 where Felix was born.




An American Story #2: The Lunsford Immigrant and the “Three Musketeers”


Who are the ancestors of my 2nd Great Grandfather?  John R Lunsford born 1815 Raliegh, Wake, North Carolina, who married Sarah Sallie Harrison 1846 in Robertson County, Texas and died 1900 in Lampasas County, Texas.

I know…it’s quite presumptuous of me to claim I know who John R Lunsford’s immigrant forefather is when I don’t even know the names of his parents.  However, I think we can know the names of his grandparents.

So….I will say that it “appears” to me….as I speculate…that the following suggestion is most likely, according to circumstantial association and recent findings in my DNA.

We begin with Hiram and Allen Lunsford, Jr who were both in Texas by at least 1855…and associated in several different ways with our Texas Lunsfords.  We clearly have circumstantial evidence to show a family connection between our John R and these two brothers, Hiram and Allen, Jr, who’s father was Allen Lunsford, Sr. The Will of their mother, Elizabeth (Glenn?), names both Hiram and Allen, Jr which means we can be sure of  their parentage. However, their mother’s Will does not show a son named John. Nothing is ever easy. Could he have been omitted for some reason??  That leaves us still not knowing who John R’s parents were.  Perhaps these two brothers, Hiram and Allen, Jr were cousins to our John R??? At any rate they share DNA with me and so I am going to follow their path for this Blog Post with the assumption that they share an ancestor with our John R Lunsford of Texas.

So…at this time (impending continual research), I do have these two DNA connections to sons of Allen Lunsford, Sr.  One DNA connection is to son Hiram Lunsford (b abt 1793 in Iredell County, NC and died aft 1880 in probably Texas) and the other to son, Allen Lunsford, Jr  (b 1805 in Iredell County, NC and died probably 1891 in Texas).  Hiram married Amelia Hudspeth…while Allen, Jr was married to several women, one in North Carolina and then later, at least two in Texas. His first marriage was to Mary Elizabeth Basset. (See my different blog posts on these two brothers).  Their father, Allen Lunsford, Sr, was the supposed son of William Lunsford.  On a land transaction in 1789 William purchased 50 acres from John Richardson in Iredell County, North Carolina for $112, located at Caley’s Creek. Sale was witnessed by his sons, Nimrod and Allen. That would be Allen, Sr and his brother Nimrod Lunsford.   See the following:

So we have now confirmed Hiram and Allen, Jr (DNA connected to me)…and their father Allen, Sr… and now his father was William Lunsford.  William was b abt 1739 in possibly Granville County, NC and d abt 1810 in same. Is there any DNA connection with any of William’s other children, besides his son Allen, Sr?  Yes.

William Lunsford and (wife unknown) children:  Nimrod, John, Elisha & Elijah, and Allen, Sr. Other researchers include, Lidiah (Lunsford) Saunders, Lovia (Lunsford) Hight, Reuben, Agnes (Lunsford) Taylor, William, Jr, and Catherine (Lunsford) Miller. There is also the possibility that Lemuel Lunsford is a son of William. (DNA connection to date are in “bold”).

I have DNA connection to (7) members of William’s family… out of a potential of twelve children.  I have (20) DNA matches with his grandchildren.  Hence, I’m suggesting that perhaps our John R, and Hiram and Allen, Jr, all born in North Carolina, share this ancestor, William Lunsford.  Below: Children of William Lunsford

  1.  Nimrod Lunsford, Sr (with (6) DNA matches amongst his children).  He was born abt 1759 in NC and died 1847 in Alexander County, NC.  Nimrod’s son Michael has the famous war hero and movie actor, Audie Murphy, in his line of descendants.  His line is well documented and I have (1) DNA match with Michael’s son John Lunsford.  Also, a DNA connection with Nimrod’s sons Eli, Wyatt, John, and Nimrod Jr, and daughter Celia (Lunsford) Price. See:
  2. John Lunsford (with (1) DNA match with his son Jonathan).  John was born abt 1760 and died in 1820 in Wilkes County, NC.
  3. Elisha Lunsford, Sr (with (4) DNA matches amongst his children).  Elisha was born abt 1762 and died 1821 in Wayne County, Kentucky.  DNA matched:  Isham, Daniel, Silas, and Amos.
  4. Reuben Lunsford Sr, (not everyone agrees he is William’s son). I have (2) DNA matches with Reuben’s children:  John and Margaret.  Reuben was born in 1765 and died in 1845 in Virginia.
  5. Allen Lunsford, Sr (with (2) DNA matches).  Sons, Hiram and Allen, Jr.  Allen, Sr was born 1766 and died 1851 in Iredell County, North Carolina.
  6. William Lunsford, Jr (with (1) DNA match), his son James A Lunsford.  William was born 1767 and died 1834 in Georgia.
  7. Lemuel Lunsford (not everyone believes Lemuel to be William’s son).  I have (4) DNA matches with Lemuel’s sons, Hiram, Isaac, Silas and David. Lemuel was born 1774 and died abt 1840 in Clay County, Kentucky. This connection would put us in association with the Melungeons of Clay County, Kentucky.

Here’s the following website for another list of William’s children where Allen, Sr is referred to as James Allen, Sr and his son as James Allen, Jr. Interesting that many in our family call Allen Sr and Jr…Jesse Allen.  see:

So…even though we may not know who John R Lunsford‘s parents are, I’m thinking that William Lunsford is most probably his grandfather.  If you know something I don’t about DNA…please advise me.  I need all the help I can get.

So…let’s say I’m right and that William Lunsford is our John R Lunsford‘s grandfather (any of his sons could potentially be our JR’s father…even illegitimately, it seems to run in the family).  Our next step in discovering the “Lunsford Immigrant” would be… who is this William Lunsford and can we document his parentage?  Yes.

William Lunsford:  born abt 1739 in Granville County, NC and died abt 1810.  This William is the grandfather that I would share with Audie Murphy.  William would be my 4th great grandfather. Audie’s biographers state that William’s wife is “unknown”.

In 1799, William’s father, John Lunsford, Sr died leaving William Lunsford Juror of Dower of his mother, Mary (Wingate) Lunsford, in Perquiman’s County, NC.  In 1806 at his mother’s death, he was left executor to her Will along with his mother Mary’s brother, Ephraim Wingate. Williams’ sons were also listed in their grandmother’s Will as being Allen (Sr), Nimrod, William and Elisha and Elijah (twins?).

We conclude that William’s parents were John Lunsford, Sr and Mary (Wingate) Lunsford .

 John Lunsford, Sr was born 1719 in Stafford County, VA and died 1799 in Granville County, NC.  John and Mary’s children were William Lunsford, John Jr, James, Joseph, Jesse, and Rodham.  Besides William, I have DNA connection to his brother John Lunsford, Jr.

John Lunsford, Sr parents were William Lunsford II and a “Willie (Franklin?)“. William II was born 1685 in Stafford County, VA and died in 1741 in Northumberland County, VA. Their three known children are:  William Lunsford III, Alexander Lunsford and John Lunsford, Sr.  Besides having a DNA connection to John Sr, I also have DNA connection with his brother, Alexander Lunsford.

William Lunsford II parents were…William Lunsford, Esq and Susannah Blackwell. After some research I found that Esquire means the oldest son of a Knight in England.

William Lunsford Esq was born 1648 in England or, some researchers have speculated that perhaps he was born on the boat coming to America.

William’s life story is somewhat complicated because when his supposed father Sir Thomas Lunsford died in abt 1653 it was thought he had left no male issue. Some researchers continue to say that William, Esq’s father, Thomas, left only daughters…but others have found documents that suggest otherwise. One of the reasons for this persistence is that the only legal transactions concerning Thomas’ estate involved his American born daughter and not a son. But there is evidence that Thomas had one son, William Lunsford Esq.  If William was born in 1638 (as some suggest) his mother would be Thomas’  first wife, Mary Ann Hudson who was born and died in England.  If he was born in 1648 his mother would be Thomas’ 2nd wife, Katherine Neville who was born in England and died in Virginia.  Katherine also had three daughters with Thomas: Elizabeth, Phillipa and Mary.

“In a book by the Coppedge Family, it states, based on their research:
“Tradition has it that William Lunsford, who arrived in VA. with Sir
Thomas, Lady Lunsford, in 1650 lived to marry a Miss Blackwell in
Northumberland. The land patent of 24 Oct. 1650 reads: “Sr. Thomas
Luntsord Knt., The Lady Luntsford, Mrs. Elizabeth Luntsford, Mrs. Philippa
Luntsford, Mrs. Mary Luntsford, Wm. Luntsford, Esqr., Mr. Foster, Mr.
Buffin …” 65 in all. From the position of William Esq., he must have been
younger than his sisters, perhaps born on the voyage and not in London
Tower like Mary; to have the designation Esqr. he must have been the
eldest son living of a knight, as we clearly see, and what is more
important, he must have been the son of Sir Thomas’s English wife,
Katherine Nevill of Billingbere, Berks, dau. of Sir Henry Nevill and
descended from the Killigrews, Smiths, Greshams and the Lords
Abergavenny, not to mention the House of York, Pedro of Castile, Boleyn,
Mortimer, Portugal, Chiche, Pierleoni, and Chichele.”

Even so…William’s connection to Sir Thomas Lunsford is still disputed.  Many hold out he could’ve been a nephew, brother, son, illegitimate son, etc…

Because Thomas had been knighted in England….that made his first son, William Lunsford an Esquire.  The point is that his father brought to America his wife, three daughters and (I think) a son, William Lunsford, Esq.  William’s name listed last suggests that he was younger than his three sisters (which puts me on the side of Katherine Neville being his mother).

William Lunsford, Esq. and Sussanah (Blackwell) Lunsford had five known children: Samuel, Charles, John Sr., Moses, and William Lunsford II.  I have DNA connection to both William II and  John, Sr (from whom the Swanson Lunsfords come).

***William Lunsford, Esq is probably our Lunsford immigrant… unproven to date: is his would-be father, Sir Thomas Lunsford.  They both came over from England so they were both immigrants.  If Sir Thomas is not William’s father then we do not know at this time the parentage of William Lunsford, Esq.

Sir Thomas Lunsford
Sir Thomas Lunsford

Sir Thomas Lunsford is thought by some researchers to be the first Lunsford in VA and perhaps in America. He was described as a red-haired man who was lame in his left leg. His life was at times filled with violence.  It is thought he was mean and vindictive, but at the same time also loyal to his wives and to the Crown of England.  See a well written study of the man by Michael Terry Lunsford.  (Michael has done an excellent job with the historical Thomas Lunsford)….whether we agree on Thomas leaving a son or not.

He was born in 1602 in Bearsted, Kent, England. His parents were Thomas Lunsford, Senior and Kathryn Fludd. (In this Post I will refer to our Immigrant as Sir Thomas and his father as Thomas, Senior).  His father had “3” warrior sons (our Sir Thomas, Henry and Herbert). Our American Immigrant, Sir Thomas Lunsford was, in his youth, of a “lawless disposition with a violent temper”.

These three Lunsford boys, Sir Thomas, Henry and Herbert were all loyal to King Charles I , military leaders and protectors of the King.  Because of this, some believe them to be the true life inspiration for Alexandre Dumas’ “Three Musketeers“.  Both of Sir Thomas’ brothers, Henry and Herbert, served under his regiment and held rank.  Now…a candy bar is named after them!!  Paul Harvey’s radio program discussed the inspiration for “The Three Musketeers” ….and according to him, it wasn’t the Lunsfords!


Some background:

Oct 1625 Sir Thomas illegally challenged a distant relative, Thomas Whatman, to a duel. To summarize: Whatman complained to the Earl Marshall, and the record remains for everyone to read. Mr Whatman’s complaint was in part, “he was now provoked by Thomas Lunsford, gent, ….by many wrongs and disgraces to fight.”

30 Oct 1627…Sir Thomas was admitted to Grey’s Inn – equivalent to “passing the bar” today.

June 1632:  A Lunsford servant was told to shoot a dog of the Pelhams (cousins to the Lunsfords) which had strayed on Lunsford property.  The two estates, Lunsford and Pelham, abutted one another.  The retaliation was immediate when Sir Thomas Pelham charged Thomas Lunsford, Senior (Sir Thomas’ father), Herbert Lunsford (Sir Thomas’ Uncle and not to be confused with his brother Herbert), and Sir Thomas Lunsford himself…..with poaching, (killing a deer) on Pelham’s grounds. They were all three imprisoned.

Sir Thomas was fined 1,000 pounds by the Star Chamber besides 750 pounds restitution to the Pelhams.  Thomas Lunsford, Senior was never released because he was required to raise security for his own and his families good behavior.  He died in prison. We do not know what happened to Thomas, Senior’s brother Herbert, for the records do not document his fate.  Pelham wrote a letter to the Earl of Dorset stating that the Council take into consideration  “…that young Lunsford who fears neither God nor man.”  The Earl wrote back in Oct of 1632 that he would make every effort to “…..right your reputation and secure your person against that young outlaw.”

Aug 1633:  After his fine was paid he was released from prison.  Sir Thomas and his servant shot two musket balls at Pelham in his carriage in front of his Church…and missed. One report says that one of the musket balls hit the Church door and the mark is still there today.  Pelhams’s wife, two children, and Anthony Stapley were also in the carriage. (Anthony Stapley would later sign the death warrant for King Charles I in 1648).  Sir Thomas was abt 30 years old at this time and may have already been a Colonel in the military.  Some find it difficult to understand how he could’ve missed.

16 Aug 1633:  He was fined 8,000 pounds and committed to Newgate Prison, by warrant.

13 Sep 1633:  His father, Thomas, Senior was ordered at liberty but charged 2,000 pounds for his own and his family’s good behavior.  The sum was later reduced but he still could not come up with the money nor a bondsman.

1633:  Sometime during this mess….Sir Thomas married Mary Hudson (probably before he was imprisoned).  She was born in abt 1614 in Echam, Surrey, England.

15 Oct 1634:  He escaped Newgate Prison by pleading for fresh air and bribing a “guard” for a walk outside.

Abt 1635: While in exile he joined the French service for 6 years.

In 1637 his father Thomas Lunsford Sr died in prison.

28 Nov 1638: Wife, Mary Ann Hudson died in Sussex, England.  It is said she had a son with Lunsford, but he died an infant in England.  They had been married about five years.  No known living children (except that some believe her to be the mother of William Lunsford, Esq.)

In abt 1639 he returned to England where he received a pardon from King Charles I. This was during the English Civil War and anyone loyal to the King would be welcomed back.

About 1639 he married Katherine Neville who was born in England abt 1605 and died in Virginia abt 1651.

Abt 1640 daughter Phillipa was born.

Abt 1641:  He was released from French Service.

Abt 1641 daughter Elizabeth was born.

Also in 1641 he was appointed Lt of the Tower of London.  This appointment produced much hostility and fear in England because the Puritans cautioned their children that he was a cannibal and they all feared him.  Many rumors spread about his violence. There was such an outcry that he was replaced. (Some say after just 5 days).

He was…”described as an “outlaw” and non-attender of Church while in the King’s Army, a ruined and desperate character”.  The below source has a more detailed life for Thomas, but does not mention a son William.  See:,_Thomas_(DNB00)

Abt 1642:  Meanwhile his daughter Mary was born during his duty at the Tower of London.

1 Oct 1647: After some time he was released from duty in London and Knighted after much service to King Charles I and he left for Amsterdam.  Knight:  A man awarded a non-hereditary title in recognition of merit or service and entitled to use the honorific title of “Sir” in front of his name.

He was also a Baron but his land patent had never been issued:  Baron: A member of the lowest order of the British nobility.  A person who held lands or property from the sovereign.

In 1647 he supposedly drew up a Pedigree…and he showed “no sons”. This was written while he was married to his second wife, Katherine Neville who had already bore him 3 daughters.

Some believe that in 1648-49 a son was born and named William Lunsford, Esq.

In 1649, after hearing King Charles was beheaded, he received a pass for himself, his wife, and children to go to Virginia.  He left for the New World…Virginia Colony, America, which was still loyal to the Crown of England at that time.  He wife was Katherine (Neville), 3 daughters, Phillipa, Elizabeth and Mary and son William, Esq with him.

Arrived in America:

I repeat:  In a book by the Coppedge Family, it states, based on their research:
“Tradition has it that William Lunsford, who arrived in VA. with Sir
Thomas, Lady Lunsford, in 1650 lived to marry a Miss Blackwell in
Northumberland. The land patent of 24 Oct. 1650 reads: “Sr. Thomas
Luntsord Knt., The Lady Luntsford, Mrs. Elizabeth Luntsford, Mrs. Philippa
Luntsford, Mrs. Mary Luntsford, Wm. Luntsford, Esqr….

1650:  Almost immediately upon his arrival Gov William Berkeley made him Lt General of the Colony (James City) and later the Council.  (Interest to those with Lee ancestral ties: my Great Grandmother Passmore had the Lee family in her ancestry….and the Lee immigrant (Richard Henry Lee) was also in Virginia at this time and Gov William Berkeley commissioned him to Clerk of the Quarter in James City).  US and Canada Immigration List is showing the date of arrival as 1654????

24 Oct 1650 given Land Grant in Virginia Colony south side of the Rappahannock River. 3,423 acres.

bef 1651 his wife Katherine Neville died leaving him with four children, Elizabeth, Phillipa, Mary and his son William, Esq.  (Some accounts say that Katherine Neville had remarried after Thomas’ death to Sir John Thorowgood, who after Katherine’s death took charge of Katherine’s three daughters.  This doesn’t make sense???  If you have an answer to this…please comment.)

abt 1651 Sir Thomas married for the 3rd time to Elizabeth Wormeley.  This was his only American born wife.  She was born 1632 in VR and died in 1698 in VR.  They had a daughter, and after the custom of naming a daughter after the husband’s deceased wife, they named this daughter, Katherine Lunsford, (after Katherine (Neville) Lunsford).

1652 daughter Katherine was born and it is through her line that the inheritance of the land passed.

Sir Thomas Lunsford died bef 1 Dec 1656 and is buried in Williamsburg, VR. Some say he and son William faked their deaths because of persecution.  They probably remained royalist and may have had enemies from England and/or Virginia because of the family’s connection to King Charles I.

I have DNA connection to Thomas not only through his son William, Esq but potentially through his daughter (with his 3rd wife Elizabeth (Wormeley) Lunsford…Katherine (Lunsford) Wormeley.  (She married Ralph Wormeley, Esq,  a relative from her mother’s “Wormeley” family). She was born 1652 in James City, Virginia and died 1685 in Middlesex County, Virginia.  However, that line needs to be more thoroughly researched, for the DNA tree I have a link with seems to have made an error.  UPDATE:  I do have DNA connected tree to Thomas Lunsford’s daughter with his wife Elizabeth Wormeley, however my connection may be through someone else in the tree that I’m unaware of. Are designation of 10th cousin possible on Ancestry?

There is a reenactment of battles in the English Civil War (similar to America) where they celebrate “Sir Thomas Lunsford’s Regiment of Foote:  See

This post is speculation on my part of course…please do not assume I’m correct.  This blog is about sharing our ideas, especially on those stubborn brick walls.

Signature of Sir Thomas Lunsford.

See Coppedge Family Research at:

Hiram Lunsford, and Belle Starr (infamous outlaw) Connection

Please do your own research and do not assume I’m correct.

Did you ever notice that “good news” or “good deeds” seldom get reported?  Lately in my research I have been finding: …murder, suicide, cattle rustling and now outlaws murdering our indirectly connected relatives.

A little background: Hiram Lunsford and his brother Allen are closely connected through DNA to us, (brother/half-brother/cousin to our John R Lunsford b 1815 in Wake County, NC and who married Sarah Sallie Harrison). The family given names are practically identical with ours, Hiram, Allen, John R, etc. Hiram and his brother, Allen Lunsford, Jr, were both born in Iredell County, North Carolina, Hiram in 1793 and Allen, Jr in 1805. *Note:  Although I am DNA connected to both Hiram and Allen, Jr Lunsford, their father and mother’s Will has been found and it does not name our John R Lunsford as a son. ??

To show another way this family is connected with our Lunsfords: One of Hiram’s daughters, Mary Ann “PollyLunsford married William H Simmons, of which I have a copy of a postcard showing their close relationship to our J R Lunsford’s daughter, Nannie Lunsford and her husband William Casbeer.  (See my Post: ” 1888 Post Card….”)

Allen Jr married Mary Elizabeth Bassett (but also married? several Texas women). Allen’s grandson is the famous folk musician, Bascom Lamar Lunsford.

However…Hiram married Amelia Hudspeth and stayed married to her and her alone (as far as I know).  He was the first of these two brothers to move from NC to Saline County, Arkansas. He was there by 1846 when he paid a tax and his 1850 Federal Census is also there.   It was while he was there that he lost his son Carter to a fever in 1850. Allen, Jr followed his brother Hiram to Saline County a few years later….his 1850 Federal Census however, is in Cocke County, TN. While in Saline County, Arkansas, these two brothers are listed in several legal cases in the year 1853, which include, gaming (that’s gambling), larceny, etc.  See:    also see:

By 1855 they had crossed over into Texas, at first Harrison County, (which borders Arkansas) but also Rusk County (which is also near the Arkansas border).

Allen Lunsford, Jr’s clan was especially big into education.  Both Hiram and Allen’s children can be found in the early school system of Harrison County, Texas.  See “Allen Lansford” and “Harmon Lansford” listed as guardians for their children of school age.  See:

While in Texas many of their sons joined up with the Confederacy during the Civil War.

Allen, Jr’s son with one of his Texas wives, (Ann Frankie Butler), was Albert Lunsford, who would spend five years in prison for perjury in the horrible King Murder Trial.


Now that I’ve set the stage..I’ll be sticking with Hiram and his family for this tale.  By 1860 he was living in Goliad County, Texas (which is further south). He had a son named James W Lunsford who in 1870 was brutally murdered in the bordering County of De Witt.  It is thought that it concerned the Sutton/Taylor Feud (considered the longest and bloodiest in Texas history). See:

The feud included the outlaw John Wesley Hardin.  See wikipedia.

John Wesley Hardin

James W Lunsford was shot many times, twice in the head, twice in the jaw (maybe for talking too much?) and six buck shot wounds in the body.  See:

See note at bottom of above census page abt his wounds.

So as you can see there was alot of lawlessness and  violence going on around these North Carolina Lunsfords.

More to the Point:  Hiram had another son named John R Lunsford. (This John R  was born 1836 in NC and must not be confused with our John R who was born in 1815). He is actually living next door to our J R Lunsford’s son, Hiram Lunsford, on the 1870 Bosque County, TX Federal Census (see what I mean about the same family names?). In 1862 in Bosque County, John married Martha Jane Wheeler.  She was the daughter of Ambrose Alvadine Wheeler who was murdered in Bosque County in 1873 by the Reed Gang of which the leader was James C Reed, husband of Belle Starr.


I’ve been in touch with the Wheeler descendants who posted the above newspaper article on They relayed to me that the family story is that the Reeds beat Wheeler, shot him to death and then cut out his tongue.  He supposedly talked too much to the wrong people. The family is researching to see if while a young man in Missouri he may have belonged to the Reed gang. All we know is that while in Texas he had settled down with his family and lived the life of a good citizen. Some how he got involved with them (again?) and the Reeds thought he was a risk, talking too much, and killed him.  In the above newspaper report it states that the men who killed him stopped by a local grocery to report what they had done.  They wanted it known that the Reed Gang had killed this man and the same would happen to anyone who had a loose tongue.  Brutal.

Belle Starr with guns

Belle’s name was Myra Maybelle (Shirley) Reed/Starr.  After the death of her husband, James C Reed, (murdered a year after the death of Mr Wheeler), she married into the Starr clan and became known as Belle Starr. Jim July Starr was from a Cherokee Indian family notorious for whiskey, cattle and horse thievery in Indian Territory (which is now Oklahoma).   Belle continued to remain involved with her old friends, the James and Younger Gangs throughout her life.  Wiki says that she was murdered in 1889.

I don’t see “Little House on the Prairie” in these stories of the Wild West.  Yet…our Lunsfords, Phelps, Stricklands, Youngs, Maddins etc. were all living in Texas during these wild times and somehow managed to survive through legal disputes, the Mexican/American War, the Regulator/Moderator War in Shelby County, Native American skirmishes, the Civil War….and all of these outlaws, (just to name a few)…it’s a wonder any of their descendants are here to tell about it!

James Bassett Lunsford, son of Allen Lunsford, Jr and Mary Elizabeth (Bassett) Lunsford

James Bassett Lunsford. Originally submitted to by bonraj
James Bassett Lunsford. Originally submitted to by bonraj

Please do your own research and do not assume I’m correct.

James Bassett Lunsford was born in Sep 1838 in NC (according to Findagrave), however, most of his census sheets state 1838 in TN.   He was born to Allen Lunsford, Jr and Mary Elizabeth Bassett.  Elizabeth Bassett’s father was James Henry Bassett and her mother was Jane Prestwood.  James Henry Bassett was a Revolutionary War Veteran and was from Asheville, Buncombe, NC.

Short Bio:…/lunsfordfindingaid.pdf  or:

1840 Federal Census:  (his father’s census). Cocke County, TN.   Allen Lanford, wife and (2) males under 5 years of age (Jesse and James?)…also, had 10 slaves.  Age 2.

1850 Federal Census:  Cocke County, TN -James Lunsford, age 12 in NC.  Census includes mother and father and sibling Jesse.

According to biographical information, after the 1850 Federal Census in Cocke County, TN, James moved back to NC for 2 years. (1851-52?) with his family.

1852:  His father left NC for Texas taking his sons with him, leaving behind his wife and daughters.

1853:  In Arkansas?  His father met up with his brother Hiram Lunsford in Arkansas…they both had some documented legal problems while there.  For more information see Post:   “Allen Lunsford, Jr, son of Allen, Sr and Mary Elizabeth (Bassett) Lunsford”.

1854: Age 16:  James’ father married Nancy Clark in Harrison County, Texas and had 3 daughters with her from 1855-61.  I have no documentation that his father divorced his mother who was in NC with their daughters at this time.

1858-59 Education:  Age 20, 21.  Bunker Hill Academy, Overton, Rusk, Texas.  Principal, Orlando Newton Hollingworth, who later became Superintendent of Education in Texas (born 1836 in Alabama).

1860:  No Federal Census can be found.  According to short bio…he lived in Harrison/Rusk Counties UNTIL 1860.

1861 Military Enlistment: 14 Jun 1861. Lived in the country 10 miles west of Dallas,Texas where he enlisted in the Civil War.  He stayed in the war until it was over in 1865.  He served in Douglas’ First Texas Battery.  His brothers also enlisted in Texas: Jesse, John William, William Robt, and Robert H? (These names seem repetitive???)… Age 22.

1864 Military Station:  Richmond, Kentucky.  Was slightly wounded and had a horse shot out from under him.

1865 Military Discharge: Age 27.  He and his brothers returned to civilian life in Mobile, Alabama after serving for the entire war.  His brothers asked him to return to TENNESSEE to bring his mother and sisters to Texas (His father had remarried by this time?).  He did so.  He was soon back in Texas where he opened a school… but soon returned to western, North Carolina (with mother and sisters?).  Update:  In the biography of his son, Bascom Lamar Lunsford, his father was asked by his brothers to go back to NC and take care of his mother and sisters.

1866: Age 28: His father Allen married A Frances “Franky” Butler in Texas.  ( It appears his wife Elizabeth Bassett may have found her husband married to another woman when she got to Texas?).  Not sure if his father divorced Nancy Clark, however, she did remarry.

1870 Federal Census:  Madison County, NC.  Census shows him with his mother Mary Lunsford and sister Mary.  James Lansford, age 32, born in 1838 in TN.

1871 Mars Hill College:  Madison County, NC.  He taught 2 years.  His wife’s grandfather was one of the founders of the College. Age 33-34

1872 Marriage:  13 Oct 1872 in Madison County, NC…To Luarta Leah Buckner.  Luarta was born in 1859 in Buncombe, NC to Hiram Buckner and Mary Miranda “Polly” Deaver.  He was age 34 and she 17. She was brought up by her grandfather (one of the founders of Mars Hill College) who was a “unionist” (southern loyalists living in Confederate States and against the Civil War).  James had fought for the confederacy. He also switched his church affiliation from Methodist to Baptist.  Mars Hill was a Baptist College.

Luarta Leah Buckner, wife of James Bassett Lunsford
Luarta Leah Buckner, wife of James Bassett Lunsford.  Originally posted on by glbuckner1

1874 Wrote Books:  Age 36.  Leicester, Buncombe, NC.  Wrote some Baptist Books and a Book called, “Reminiscences” of his childhood which contains abt 100 pages and is kept at Mars Hill College.

1879 His Mother’s Death:  His age 41. Her obituary states that her son James Lunsford is the Principal of Turkey Creek School, yet 1880 Census states he is a farmer.  Perhaps he was both.

1880 Federal Census:  Leicester, Buncombe, NC.  James B Larnsford born 1839 TN .  Wife LL, son D G, daugher J L, and son Blackwell.  Occupation:  Farmer.  Age 42.

1900 Federal Census: Leicester, Buncombe, NC.  James B Lunsford, age 62, born 1838 in TN. School Teacher. Wife: Leah L, Children, Davis G, Jennie L, Blackwell, Bascom L, Zilpah, Florida B, and Azealea Lunsford.

1902 Death of Wife:  12 Aug 1902 in Turkey Creek, Buncombe, NC.   Her age was 46 and his at time of her death 63.

1910 Federal Census:  Lovelady, Burke, NC.  James B Lunsford. Age 72. Widowed. Born 1841 in TN. No Occupation.  Some of his children are living with him and three of them are listed as “teachers”.

1912 Death: 29 Apr 1912 in North Carolina.  Buried @ Leicester Episcopal Church Yard in Buncombe County, NC.  Age 73.

Children of James Bassett Lunsford and Luarta Leah Buckner  

1)  Davis Gudger Lunsford  born in 22 Jun 1875 in NC and married Alice Odile Sebastian. He died in 28 Nov 1949 in Louisiana.  Age 74.  ( gave me this information but when I looked up the death index for LA with this name and date…the race is listed as Negro (black).  It is Davis G Lunslord born 1872 and died as stated. All the Census for this couple state they are white.???

2)  Jennie Louise Lunsford born in 22 Dec 1875 in Madison County, NC, she died 23 May 1966 in Asheville, Buncombe, NC.  Age 90.  Findagrave states she was a teacher.  She never married.  Death Certificate states her occupation as Teacher in Public School System.

3)  Blackwell Lunsford born in 24 Dec 1878 in Leicester, Buncombe, NC.  He married Emma Chauvin.  He died 2 Jan 1976 in Asheville, Buncombe, NC.  His death certificate states his occupation as “school teacher”.  He was 97 years old.

4)  Bascom Lamar Lunsford born in 21 Mar 1882 North Carolina and married 1) Nellie Triplett and 2) Freda English. He died on 4 Sep 1973 in Asheville, Buncombe, NC.  His death certificate states he was a retired attorney.  He was 91.  He was  FAMOUS for being a Folk Music Collector and Director of Folk Music Festivals. He also performed for President Roosevelt.

Bascom Lamar Lunsford

5)  Zelpha Lunsford born 21 Jun 1885 North Carolina and married Clyde Everett Hawkins.  She died 9 Jan 1969 in Asheville, Buncombe, NC.  Death Certificate states age at 83.

6)  Florida Elizabeth “Bell” Lunsford born 13 Mar 1888 in North Carolina and died 5 Jun 1964  in Asheville, Buncombe, NC.  Age at death 76.  Married:  Earl Joseph Major.

7)  Azealea Lunsford born Apr 1891 in North Carolina.  Cannot find anything on her.

John R Lunsford Family United with Another Lunsford Clan

Please do your own research and do not assume I’m correct.

John R Lunsford and wife Sarah Sallie Harrison:

Update 2017:  My DNA has now shown a family connection to Hiram Lunsford born 1793 in NC. However, the Wills of Allen Lunsford Sr and his wife Elizabeth have both been posted this week and although they do have sons named Hiram and Allen, Jr…..there is no son, John R Lunsford.  I am somehow related to Hiram and his brother Allen, Jr through DNA, but the answer to who is John R’s parents is still a mystery. Perhaps John R is a nephew or cousin of Hiram and Allen, Jr?

The DNA of another branch of our family (through the Fletchers) has brought news of a Lunsford Clan that we are somehow very closely related to.  Our connection to the Fletchers is through Sarah “Nellie” Camilla Lunsford, the daughter of  John R Lunsford  and Sarah “Sallie” Harrison. Nellie married Isaac Chrismon Fletcher in Texas abt 1880

I have had this Clan of Lunsfords in my private tree (used for research only) for over a year. Allen Lunsford, Jr (born 1805 in NC)  is probably a cousin or half brother to our John R Lunsford. I also mentioned Hiram Lunsford (born 1793 in NC) in my blog as, “Potentially being closely related to our John R Lunsford”.  

This is what I have…some of it may not be validated at this time…I have been working on my Phelps Tree for over a year and it’s been awhile since I looked at this information. Hopefully it is more accurate than not.  All material I have found excludes the name “Jesse” Allen but rather is always Allen Lunsford, Sr or Jr.  It appears that the new evidence is pointing our ancestry to what is marked in RED.  I include siblings for the purpose of association with places they’ve lived, who they’ve married…etc.  As always… please do your own research.

Allen Lunsford, SENIOR

Note:  I am DNA connected (as well as circumstantially) to Allen Lunsford, Sr’s sons Hiram and Allen, Jr.  Because both Hiram and Allen, Jr are mentioned in the Will of their mother Elizabeth in 1852, we know they are both sons of Allen, Sr and his wife Elizabeth. Yet our John R Lunsford was not mentioned in the Will.  It is true that he was already in Texas in 1850, but both Hiram and Allen, Jr were also raising their families in other states, Hiram in Arkansas and Allen in Tennessee. This means that although we are related to Allen Lunsford, Sr and his offspring somehow, it still remains a mystery  who the parents of John R Lunsford born 1815 in NC are.

1773  abt.  Birth probably in Rowan County, NC which was formed from Iredell County in 1787.

1792 abt  Marriage to Elizabeth Unknown.  This date is determined by age of first known child. Elizabeth, according to the 1850 Census was born abt 1780 in North Carolina, and she probably died sometime between the 1850 and 1860 Federal Census.

1800 Federal Census:  Salisbury, Iredell County, North Carolina.  Spelled Allin Lunsford.  One boy under 5.  Rubin Fletcher on same Census.

1810 Federal Census:   Can’t find at this time.

1820 Federal Census:  Allen Lunsford. Iredell County, North Carolina.  (2) males under 10, (3) males 10-15, (2) males 16-25, (1) male over 45….(1) female under 10, (2) females 10-15, (2) females 16-25, (1) female over 45.  Same page Reuben and James Fletcher.

Side Note:  For those Phelps/Felps interested:  Next page John and Littleton Felps!.

1830 Federal Census:  Allen Lunsford.  Iredell County, North Carolina. Rubin and James Fletcher also in Iredell County.  (1) male 10-14, (1) male 20-29, (1) male 60-69…( 1 ) female 5-9, ( 2) females 10-14, (1) female 15-19, (1) female 50-59

1840 Federal Census: Spelled Allen Lansford.  Iredell County, North Carolina.  Jacob Beaver on same page.  Also Rubin, James and Wyatt Fletcher also in Iredell.   (1) male under 5, (1) male 5-9, (1) male 60-69?, (2) females under 5, (2) females 5-9, (1) female 15-19, (1) female 20-29, (1) female 50-59.  Ages seem wrong…same as previous census for Allen and wife?

1850 Federal Census:  transcribed Allen Samford on…  (however, obvious it’s Lunsford on Census Sheet).  Iredell County, North Carolina.  Allen age 77 born abt 1773 in North Carolina.  Wife, Elizabeth age 70, born abt 1780 in North Carolina, Robert Lunsford, age 19, born abt 1831 in North Carolina, and Malinda Lunsford age 16, born 1834 in North Carolina  (either daughter or Robert’s wife?).  Neighbors:  George Mullis 1802 North Carolina.  Many Fletcher’s including James and Wyatt in Iredell.  More research needs to be done to discover how the above Robert and Malinda are related to the head of house.  They are very young to be Allen and Elizabeth’s children.  Perhaps Grandchildren or Grandson and wife.???

1860 Federal Census: Cannot find one.

Children of Allen Lunsford, Sr and Elizabeth (Glenn?):  More on each child on another post.

  1.  DNA connected: Hiram Lunsford:  born abt 1793, probably Iredell County, North Carolina.  Death sometime after the 1880 Federal Census in Bosque County, Texas.  He married Amelia “Milly” Hudspeth.  See his  Personal Post. Update:  I am DNA connected to Hiram Lunsford through his daughter Mary Lunsford who married 1) William H Simmons and 2) Thomas Jefferson Johnson.
  2. Mary “Polly” Lunsford: born abt 1801 in Person County, North Carolina.  Death 1853 according to Henderson County, Kentucky Death Record.  Married Unknown Hendrick and 2) Rev John Tapp.  She and her cousin, Susannah (Lunsford), married Tapp brothers. After the death of Susannah (Lunsford) Tapp and her husband, Joel Henry Tapp, Mary “Polly” raised her cousin’s children.
  3. Elizabeth Lunsford:  born abt 1802 Wilkes County, North Carolina.  Death Unknown.  Married Thomas Brown in 1834 in Surry County, North Carolina when she was abt 32 years old. In her Mother’s Will she is transcribed as Elizabeth (Luttof?) so she must have been married before Brown.  
  4. Willis Lunsford:  born abt 1803 Iredell County, North Carolina.  Death Unknown. I do have an 1870 Federal Census showing a Willis Lunsford living in Washington County, Tennessee with John & Susanna Watts and a 2 yr old Samuel Harrison!  (Any relations to Sarah Sallie Harrison???)  I can find no more on Willis at this time and I’m not sure this is him.
  5. Henry Lunsford :  born abt 1804 in North Carolina.  Death unknown.  He may have been living in Randolph County, Alabama in 1840, for I have a Census for a Henry Sansford living there.?  Also, an 1850 Federal Census with a Henry Lunsford and family living in Dyer County, Tennessee with a Sarah Lansford living on previous page with the John Crow family.  I’m not sure if this is the same Henry Lunsford, son of Allen, Sr. (FYI: John Rice Crow, born 1818 in TN and d 1890 in Dyer County, TN…married Elizabeth Lunsford, daughter of Aris Lunsford and Sarah (Matthews) Lunsford).
  6. DNA connected:  Allen Lunsford, Jr.:  born abt 1805 in Iredell County, North Carolina and died in 1891 probably Texas.  He married Mary Elizabeth Bassett.  She was born in 1816 in Buncombe County, North Carolina and died in 1879 in Buncombe County.  See his Personal Post. All documents I have found do not specify “Jesse”….just Allen. Perhaps the name Jesse was a middle name that he was called by???
  7. Sarah Lunsford:  born abt 1807 and married an Unknown Thorpe.  In transcribing her Mother’s Will she is called Sarah (Thorpe?).
  8. John R Lunsford: (Perhaps a son?)  born 1815 Wake County, North Carolina and died 1900 in Lampasas County, Texas.  He married Sarah “Sallie” Harrison.  I’m not happy with the eight years between his and Sarah’s  births …any ideas?!!

Ancestry of Allen Lunsford, Sr.  (A work in progress)

Allen Lunsford, Sr born abt 1773 in possibly Rowan County, NC and died after the 1850 Federal Census in Iredell County, NC.  Married Elizabeth Unknown.

Father:  William Lunsford born abt 1738 in Virginia and died abt 1810 Granville County, NC.

Mother:   His mother may be Rebecca Basye born 1734 in Virginia.

Children of William Lunsford and Unknown:

Audie Murphy‘s biography states that William Lunsford had 5 sons, but only lists Nimrod because he is the direct line to Audie Murphy. trees include:

 1)  Nimrod Charnock Lunsford: (Middle Name unverified) born  abt 1764  Granville or Iredell County, NC and died in 1847 in Alexander County, NC.  The University of NC includes his history in their psychology course because he never divorced and yet married (3) times.  In his Will he names Rebecca as his wife, however, the next year 1848, an Elizabeth filed claim to his estate in Buncombe County, NC.  He was a bigamist and family legend has it that he was married to three different women at the same time.  And it appears this moral laxity was repeated in his descendants.     See:     Also:  see Allen Lunsford, Jr’s Post…he also married many times without any evidence of divorce.

Nimrod married 1) Elizabeth Wyatt in abt 1778.  (the name Wyatt enters our Lunsford family through this surname?)

Their son, Michael Lunsford is the genealogy connection for Audie Murphy…the famous WWII hero and actor.  See:

Nimrod’s alleged son, Peyton Charnock Lunsford (need more documentation on him being a son of Nimrod, although many trees list him as a brother to Michael).  Peyton has a son named Stephen Lunsford.

Stephen had a son named Peyton H Lunsford (born in 1834 in Georgia)…who dies in Austin, Travis, Texas in 1905.  He married Virginia Echols. They were in Texas before the 1860 Census and in Austin abt 1877.  Peyton H Lunsford’s son, Peyton Echols Lunsford was born in Texas in 1868 and died in 1922 in Runnels County, Texas.  He married Cora Frances Grumbles.  (It is in the Grumbles/Plumley Cemetery that David Strickland and his daughter, Mary (Strickland) Maddin are buried in Austin, Travis, Texas).   On Peyton Echols Lunsford’s 1900 Austin, Travis, TX Federal Census, page 4, they have a Frank Harrison boarding with them, whose mother was born in TN….and a Harrison family living a few doors away …. also, Laura (Maddin) Johnson family is living next door!! Then, the next family is William Maddin and Molly (Lunsford) Maddin including their 2 year old daughter, my own Grandmother Nellie Camilla (Maddin) Phelps.  What a Census!!!  We must research the Harrisons on this census page. These Lunsfords are definitely tied to ours through association.  

The Name “Wyatt” is significant for J R and Sarah “Sallie” Harrison named a son “Wyatt Lunsford” and Nimrod’s wife’s maiden name was “Wyatt”.

Austin Directory:

Nimrod Lunsford and Elizabeth Wyatt also may have had a son named Wyatt Lunsford born 1795 Iredell County, NC who married a Mary “Polly” Unknown.  They had a son named Nimrod Lunsford who was born in 1829 in NC and who died in Nov of 1860 in Austin County, Texas.  He has an 1860 Federal Census there but without a wife, who must’ve  just died.  This left him with two small children, Nimrod M Lunsford, Jr born in 1858 in Texas and a little daughter named Mary Ann Lunsford, who was born in 1859.  His occupation is listed as “well digger”. His daughter Mary died of “teething” in 1860 and Nimrod, the children’s father, also died of a fever soon afterwards.  I don’t know what happened to baby Nimrod M Lunsford, Jr. when as a toddler, his mother, his father and his baby sister all died, leaving him an orphan in Texas. ?

Nimrod Charnock Lunsford, Sr first married Elizabeth Wyatt, but also married   2)  Jennie McCombs and 3) Rebecca Foster

2)  John William Lunsford born abt 1765 NC and married an Elizabeth Unknown.

3)  Allen Lunsford, Sr born abt 1773  (See above and his specific post)

4)  DNA Connected:  (Unverified, not sure of his parentage at this time) Lemuel Lunsford born abt 1774 in Wilkes/Ashe County, NC and died in abt 1840 Clay County, Kentucky.  He married Martha Hollingsworth.  Lemuel, (and the name Hollingsworth) will link us with the melungeons of Clay County, Kentucky.  Their son  Hiram Lunsford married Lydia Hollingsworth who is thought to be half Cherokee. We need to verify Lemuel being a son to William.  What do you think?  Some trees have Lemuel as the son of John Lunsford and Mary Wingate.

Hirma B Lunsfor, son of Lemuel Lunsford wit wife Lydia Hollingworth.
Hiram B Lunsford, son of Lemuel Lunsford with wife Lydia (Hollingsworth).  Originally submitted to by :  erinsuzannesmith

Below are pictures of Lydia’s sisters, Rhoda (Hollingsworth) Thomas,  and Mary “Polly” (Hollingsworth) McDaniel. They look very Native American. They are the daughters of William Hollingsworth and Rhoda (Reed) Hollingsworth.

Rhoda Hollingsworth

Above photo originally submitted to by Denise L Rancour.

mary polly hollingsworth
Mary Polly (Hollingsworth) McDaniel, sister of Lydia (Hollingsworth) Lunsford.  Posted on by Veronicalynn17

5) Elijah:  Possible son

William Lunsford’s parents were John Lunsford and Mary Wingate

John Lunsford, Sr was born abt 1720  and died in 1799 in Granville County, NC.  He married Mary Wingate.  Mary was born in abt 1722 in Perquimans County, NC and died in 1806 in Perquimans County, NC.

Children of John Lunsford and Mary Wingate

According to the ancestral tree/biography of Audie Murphy, the couple had four sons, but only mentions William, Audie’s direct line.

1)  William Lunsford born abt 1740  (See above)

2)  James Lunsford born abt 1742 (children may include Ephraim Sihon Lunsford)

3)  Joseph H Lunsford, Sr  born abt 1743 and died abt 1813.  He married Rebecca Jones. His children were:  Allen B, Mary Ann, Jesse, Elizabeth, Sarah “Sallie”, Susan “Sucky”, Joseph, Jr, Samuel, Rebecca Ann, and Nancy D Lunsford.

4)  Jesse Lunsford  born abt 1744

How This Would Fit Into Our Tree:  Warning:  Has not been verified yet…is stricly potential.

1720 birth:  John and Mary (Wingate) Lunsford

1740 birth:  William Lunsford

1773 birth:  Allen Lunsford, Sr

1815 birth:  John R Lunsford?????

Special Note:  William Lunsford,  (see above) had a grandson named Joseph L Lunsford who married Rebecca Jones in Wake County, NC in 1836.  This shows this clan of Lunsfords in the Wake County, NC area abt 10 years after John R Lunsford was born there  in 1815 in Raleigh.  Besides the fact that some Lunsfords are living over the adjoining border of Wake County in Franklin County, NC.  If J R was born in Raleigh, NC (which is now in Wake County), consider this statement from Wiki:  “Franklin County is included in the Raleigh North Carolina statistical area”.  The city of Raleigh itself, must border quite closely to Franklin County. In 1815 when J R was born there…the borders may not be where they are today and part of the City of Raleigh may have been in Franklin County.????

John R Lunsford and Sarah “Sallie” Harrison’s children

Please do your own research and do not assume I’m correct.

1)    Elizabeth Lunsford:  born 1847 in Navarro County, Texas.

1850:  Federal Census in Navarro County with parents, age 3.

1860:  Federal Census in Division, Hill County,Texas with her parents, age 13.

1866:  Age 19.  Marriage to Thomas Edmondson in Bosque County, Texas. He was born in 1842 in Arkansas. His parents were Eli Edmondson and Priscilla Logan.

Death before 1870.  Her widowed husband married Margaret May Winn 1 Feb 1870 in Robertson County, TX.    His first census with Margaret shows no children.  There are no known children with Elizabeth Lunsford before her death.

2)    Hiram “Ira” Robert Lunsford:  born about 1848 in Navarro County, Texas.

1850:  Federal Census in Navarro County with parents, age 2.

1860:  Federal Census in Division, Hill County, Texas with parents, age 12.

8 Dec 1869:  Bosque County, Texas, Marriage to Elizabeth Isabella “Bell” Webb, his age was 21 years and hers was 22.  She was born in 1847 in Mississippi.  Her parents were William R Webb and Martha Mullins. It reads Hiram Lansford and Bell Webb.

1870:  Federal Census, Meridian, Bosque County, TX.  Spelled “Lundsford”. Has potential relative (cousin ?) living next door, John R Lunsford born in NC in 1836.  Update:  DNA shows a definite relationship connection.

1880:  East Lampasas, Lampasas, Texas. “Ira Lewford”.  Stock Raiser.  Wife’s name is Isabella.

Death before the 1900 Census where his wife is listed as “widow”.

Children of Hiram R Lunsford and Elizabeth Isabella “Bell” Webb: 1)  Elizabeth “Betty” (Lunsford) McKeehan, 2) Robert Hiram Lunsford, Jr. who married Louise Bridges and 3) Wycliffe Eugene Lunsford, who married Winnie Lee Phillips.

3)    John J Lunsford: born 1 Jul 1850 in Navarro County, Texas.

1860:  Division, Hill County, TX Federal Census with parents, age 10.

1870:  Bosque County, TX with parents, age 20.

1877:  Lampasas County Marriage to Sophronia Oller.  His age is 27 years and hers 28.   She had previously been married to a M B West and already had three children by him when she married John J Lunsford: Sarah Elizabeth, Rebeccah, and Isabell West. Sophronia was born in abt 1849 and died before 1900.  Her parents were William Oller and Zilpha Baggs.

1880:  Precinct 1, Bosque, Texas with Sophronia and the three West children and two of their own Lunsford children.

1900:  Meridian Town, Bosque, Texas.  Sophronia has died since the 1880 census.  John is listed as a widow.  Their last child was born in 1886, making her death after that date yet before the 1900 Federal Census.

1910:  Can’t find Federal Census.

1920:  Clebourne, Johnson, Texas.  Still widowed.  Living with son Jesse (occupation listed as “bridge builder”) and step-daughter Sarah West is also living there.

Death:  25 Jun 1923, Johnson County, TX, age 72.  Texas Death Certificate verifies parents. Informant was Jack Lunsford. Died from pneumonia.

Children of John J Lunsford and Sophronia Oller.  They have five boys and their names all begin with “J”. Josiah Cary Lunsford,  John Fletcher Lunsford , (children’s death certificates verify mother’s maiden name); Jay Gould Lunsford, James Turner Lunsford  and Jesse Albert Lunsford.

4)    Wyatt Lunsford:  born 9th of Sep 1853 in Lampasas, Texas.  He may have been born in Hill County, but he put Lampasas on his application for pension.  I think he was rejected for this pension.

1860:  Federal Census, Division, Hill County, Texas with his parents.  Age 7.

1870:   Federal Census, Bosque County, Texas  with his parents.  Age 14.  My daughter found this census for the family.  Surname is transcribed Lamedsford.

1876:  Marriage  filed on the 17th of June to 1) Mary “Mollie” May Young in Bosque County, Texas.  They were both 22 years old.  She was born in 1854 and died in 1928.  Her father was Demetrius (E?) Young and her mother, Martha “Mattie” Ann Blair.  She had first been married at age 17 to Davis (David) Lunsford  (whose father was  Hiram Lunsford born 1793 in Iredell County, NC and David’s mother was Amelia “Milly” Hudspeth).  THESE ARE THE PEOPLE I’M THINKING ARE RELATED TO OUR OWN JR LUNSFORD  Update: (Verified connection through DNA)!!   Bosque County, Marriages:  Shown as David Lunceford and Mollie Young.    After Davis (David?) Lunsford’s death she married our Wyatt Lunsford in 1876. Shown as  Wyatt Lunsford and Mollie Lunsford.  Both of these marriages can be found at  Wyatt and Mollie eventually divorced, and both remarried.  Mollie married Louis Pearson in Tarrant County, Texas in 1895.  She is buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Dallas, Texas.

Mollie’s children with 1) Davis (David?) Lunsford:  Ella/Emma (Lunsford) Scoggin.  California Death Record states her mother’s maiden name was Young.

Her children with 2) Wyatt Lunsford:  Nancy “Nannie” Lunsford  Findagrave lists her parents.

Her children with  3) Louis Pearson:  John Henry Pearson

1880:  Federal Census Jones Prairie, Milam, Texas.  He is a stockraiser.  He and “Mary”  and Mary’s daughter Ella (Father: Davis (David?) Lunsford) and their own daughter “Nannie”.  Also, staying with them is Wyatt’s brother Allen, and his wife Emma (Young) Lunsford and their son, William Lunsford.

1880:  says he was convicted of cattle theft in Lampasas. Got two years, while waiting appeal…he escaped and this cost him his appeal.  His brother Hiram was involved as well. I have no documentation.

1886:  Marriage to 2) Ellen Florence Hair in Lampasas, Texas.  She was born in 1864 and she died in 1917 in Lampasas.   Her father was William Hair and her mother was Mary Jane Woods.

1900:  Federal Census in Lampasas, Texas.  With wife Ellen and children.  His child, Nannie, is with her mother Mollie (Young) Pearson.

1910:  Federal Census Lampasas, Texas.  He and wife Ellen and two of their children are living with daughter Mollie and her first husband “Cleve” Phelps…my mother’s Uncle Cleve.

1920:  Federal Census for Lampasas, Texas.  Widowed.  His son John and wife and child Hudson is living with him.

1930:  Federal Census for Lampasas, Texas.  Widowed.  He is no longer the head of the family.  He is now living with John and his family.

1940:  Federal Census for Lampasas, Texas.  Wyatt Lansford.  Widowed.  Living with his son John and family.

Wyatt Lunsford and ggranddaughter Florence Wesson, abt 1931. Posted on Ancestry by hwalhammond
Wyatt Lunsford and g-granddaughter Florence Wesson, abt 1931. Posted on Ancestry by hwalhammond

Death:  10 May 1944 in Lampasas, Texas, age 90.  Buried @ Oakhill Cemetery.  His obituary says he was involved in Indian fights when he was younger.

Children with Florence Hair:

  •   1) Bettie Victoria (Lunsford) Hammond, 1886-1963
Betty Victoria (Lunsford) Hammond. Posted @ Ancestry by Virginia Hammond.
Betty Victoria (Lunsford) Hammond. Posted @ Ancestry by Virginia Hammond.
  • 2)  Mollie Mae (Lunsford) Phelps/Brown, 1889-1979.
  • 3)  Hattie Mabel Rachel (Lunsford) Benson/Wesson, 1893-1988.
  • 4)  John W Lunsford, 1895-1973.  Married Ella McHorse.  
  • 5) Emma Lou (Lunsford) Ballard , 1897-1993.
Emma Lou (Lunsford) Ballard and friend. Posted on Ancestry by faithmatouse
Emma Lou (Lunsford) Ballard and friend. Posted on Ancestry by faithma

 5)     Allen  Lunsford:  born 1854 in Hill County, Texas.

Allen Lunsford.  Photo first posted on by Linda Houck

1860 Federal Census in Division, Hill, Texas.  His first Census was with his father and family, age 6.

1870 Federal Census in Bosque County, Texas, age 16.

Emma Young originally posted on by Linda Houck

1876 marriage to Emma Ellen Young in Bosque County, Texas.  His age was 22 years and hers was 12!  She was born in 1864  and died in 1934 in Ellis County, Texas.  Her parents were Demetrius Young and Martha “Mattie” Blair.  After Allen’s death in 1916, she married 2) Robert Henry.  See below photo with husband Robert Henry.  Photo originally posted by Kinzie Bond on

Emma (Young) Lunsford/Henry and husband Robert Henry.
Emma (Young) Lunsford/Henry and husband Robert Henry.

1880 Federal Census in Jones Prairie, Milam, Texas.  Living with brother Wyatt and family, age 26.

1900 Federal Census in Milam County, Texas, age 46.

1910 Federal Census in Milam County, Texas, age 56.

1916  Death in Lampasas County, TX, age 62.    Death Certificate Informant may have been his sister Nellie Camilla (Lunsford) Fletcher, for it is signed Mrs. L C Fletcher.  He died from being struck by lightening and burned over half of his body while tending sheep in Lampasas. Bless his heart.  Buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Lampasas, Texas.

Children of Allen Lunsford and Emma (Young).  1) William Lunsford 2) Holly Lunsford  (both died as small children)  3) Daniel Richard Lunsford  4) Nannie Camilla (Lunsford) Hester 5) Martha Elizabeth (Lunsford) Buffington.  (Her daughter Elva, being the informant on Martha’s Death Certificate, stated that Martha’s mother’s name was Mollie Young… not Emma.?  Mollie is Emma’s sister, surely she knew who her own grandmother was? I’m confused!)  6) Fletcher Allen Lunsford, 7) Mollie (Lunsford) Buffington,  8) Mack Caleb Lunsford,  9) Clara Jewel (Lunsford) Posey, 10) Joe Dee Lunsford, 11) Grady Leroy Lunsford.

6)   Nancy “Nannie”  Lunsford :  b 1858 in Hill County, Texas.

Nancy “Nannie” (Lunsford) Casbeer

1860 Federal Census in Hill County, Texas, age 2.

1870 Federal Census in Bosque County, Texas, age 12.

1880 Federal Census in Lampasas County, Texas, age 22.

1882  Marriage to Daniel Wiggins Casbeer in Lampasas, Texas.  She was 24 years and he was 25.  Daniel’s parents were John Casbeer and Elizabeth Minerva Erwin.

Daniel Wiggins Casbeer, originally posted on by Linda Houck

1884:  First child, Nellie Casbeer dies.

1900 Federal Census in Lampasas, Texas, age 42.

1904:  Her sister Mollie (or Polly) (Lunsford) Maddin dies unexpectedly.  Nannie takes in Mollie’s daughter, Laura Lee Maddin, age 1 and it appears raises her.  Mollie’s other daughter, Nellie Camilla Maddin (my grandma) is already married to William Phelps at this time. It appears that Mollie’s only son, Berry Maddin remains with his widowed father, William Maddin.  Nannie (Lunsford) Casbeer‘s first child, “Nellie”,  lived only a few months, however, Nannie went on to have 2 sons, but not another daughter.  I think Laura Lee Maddin, her deceased sister Molly’s baby, probably became like a daughter to her.

1910 Federal Census in Lampasas, Texas, age 52.  Berry Maddin lives nearby.

1920 Federal Census in Lampasas, Texas, age 62.  Her niece, Laura Maddin is still living with her.  However, on this Census, Laura’s Dad, William Maddin, is also living with them. Nearby are William Maddin‘s daughter Nellie (Maddin) Phelps and family, including two year old Jewel Carrine Phelps, (my mother).

1925:  Her husband, Dan Casbeer, passes away.

1930 Federal Census in Lampasas, Texas, age 72, widowed.  She is living with her son Dan Casbeer, Jr.  Her son John and family are living nearby and also her brother Wyatt’s daughter, Hattie Maybelle (Lunsford) Wesson.

1940 Federal Census in Lampasas, Texas, age 82.  Has an Emma Harrison living with her.  (I am now doing the research to see if there is any connection to Sarah Sallie Harrison.  Leave no stone unturned!)  See below:

1944:  Death  in Lampasas, Texas,age 86.  Hypertension, Asthma.  Father John Lumford and mother, Sallie Harrison.

Children of Nancy “Nannie” (Lunsford) and Dan Casbeer:  Nellie (Casbeer), Dan William Casbeer,  John Jefferson Hill Casbeer.  Nannie also helped to raise her niece, Laura Maddin, (her deceased sister, (Mollie Lunsford) Maddin‘s daughter), from infancy.

Update Note:  Who is the Emma Harrison on Nannie’s 1940 Federal Census?:    

Emma Harrison is…..(drum roll please)….she is the wife of James “Jim” H Harrison.  Her full name is Emma Laura (Jones) Harrison, born 27 Oct 1870 in Limestone County, Texas and died  14 Mar 1961 in Lampasas County, Texas.  (See Post titled:  Who is James “Jim” H Harrison?……)

7)  Sarah “Nellie” Camilla  Lunsford:  b 1860 Hill County, Texas

Sarah Camille (Lunsford) & Isaac Fletcher.  Photo first posted on by Linda Houck

1860 Federal Census in Division, Hill, Texas.  She is only two months old.

1870 Federal Census in Bosque County, Texas.  She is ten years old.

1880 Federal Census in East Lampasas, Lampasas, Texas.  She is twenty years old.

1880 Marriage:   (after the 1880 census-going by birth of first child) in Texas to Isaac Chrisom “Chris” Fletcher, Jr.  She is probably abt twenty years old and him abt twenty-five.  His parents were Isaac Chrisom Fletcher, Sr. and Sarah Calloway.

1883:  They lost a child, Betty Fletcher.

1900 Federal Census in Lampasas County, Texas.  She is forty years old.

1910 Federal Census in Lampasas County, Texas.  On the previous census page is Cleve Phelps who married Sarah’s cousin, Mollie (Lunsford).  Sarah is fifty years old.

1920 Federal Census in Lampasas County, Texas.  Her brother Wyatt lives nearby.  Sarah is sixty years old.

1930 Federal Census in Lampasas County, Texas.  She is seventy years old.  In September of this year she lost her son  Richard, who according to his death certificate died of Pellegra.

1939:  Death of her husband. He died at the age of 83 and is buried at Oakhill Cemetery.

1940 Federal Census at Lampasas, Lampasas, Texas.  Widowed. Her age is 79.  It states she went to the 2nd year of high school.  It appears she has no family living close by.  Her two sons, John and Elbert are both living in Brown County, Texas.

1943:  Death in Lampasas, Texas.  Father: Lungsford and mother: Garrison.  Informant was son John.  She is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Lampasas.

The children of Sarah “Nellie” Camilla (Lunsford) and Chris Fletcher are:  Elbert Christopher Fletcher, John Lafayette Fletcher, Betty Fletcher, Richard Newton Fletcher.

8)   Willis H “Bill” Lunsford born in 1865 Bosque County, Texas.

1870 Federal Census in Bosque County, Texas, age 5.

1880 Federal Census in East Lampasas, Lampasas, Texas, age 15.

1900 Federal Census in Lampasas County, Texas, age 35.  He and his brother Richard are living with their widowed mother, Sarah “Sallie” (Harrison) Lunsford.

1910 Federal Census in Lampasas County, Texas, age 45.  Living with his deceased sister, Molly (Lunsford) Maddin‘s widowed husband, William Maddin, and William’s son, Berry Maddin .

1920 Federal Census.  I cannot find.

1930 Federal Census:  I cannot find.

1940 Federal Census in Lampasas, Lampasas, Texas, 72 years old.  Listed as Bill Lumoford.   Owns his home.  Went to the 4th Grade.

1943:  Death in Lampasas, Lampasas, Texas, age 77.   Death Certificate Informant is Benton Fletcher (his nephew).  His occupation was day laborer.  He died of pneumonia.

9)   “Mollie” (or Polly) Lunsford:  born abt 1871 in probably Bosque County, Texas.  1880 Federal Census Enumerator lists  her name as “Polly”….perhaps her name was Mary of which these two nicknames (Molly and Polly) are often attached.

1880 Federal Census in East Lampasas, Lampasas, Texas, age nine.  Polly Lanfad.

1891:  Date is approximate…Marriage to William Henry Maddin in probably Lampasas County, Texas (I cannot find a record).

1891-1892:  Austin, Texas Directory.  William H Madden…works for James Hutcheson.?

1893:  Birth of daughter Nellie Camilla Maddin, probably named for Mollie’s sister, Sarah (called Nellie) Camilla (Lunsford) Fletcher.  It will be about eight years before she has her next known child.  I wonder if there were births and deaths between Federal Census??

1900 Federal Census in Travis County, Texas, age 29.  Daughter Nellie is also on this census.

1901:  Has son Berry J Maddin in Travis County, Texas.

1903:  Has daughter Laura Lee Maddin.

1904:  Death at age 32 in Teck, Austin, Travis, Texas.

10)   Richard Erwin Lunsford:  25 Feb 1875 in Lampasas, Texas. His mother , Sarah “Sallie” (Harrison) Lunsford was 45 years old when this, her last child, was born.

Richard Lunsford.  Photo first posted on by Linda Houck

1880 Federal Census in Lampasas, Texas, age 5.

1900 Federal Census in Lampasas, Texas, age 25.  Living with his widowed mother and brother Willis.

1910 Federal Census:  I can’t find it.

1917 WW1 Draft Registration in Reeves County, Texas.  Birthplace states “closest relative in Lampasas, Texas”.

1920 Federal Census in Reeves County, Texas, age 45.  Lives alone with a cook named Maria Juartez.  She is 35 and was born in Mexico.  His occupation is Section Foreman for the Railroad.  He owns his own home and can read and write.

Death:  25 Apr 1921 in Pecos, Reeves County, Texas, age 46.   Death Certificate states his father is Jno Lunsford and his mother Sallie Harrison, both born in MO.  He was a Section Foreman (I guess that was with the Railroad). No informant signed the Death Certificate.   He died from acute gastritis?, and was supposedly buried in Lampasas, Texas.  It also states that he is single.  So as far as we know he never married or had children.

Originally posted on by mcvetco

John R Lunsford and Sarah “Sallie” Harrison

Please do your own research and do not assume I’m correct.

What we know…(with some speculation!)

John R Lunsford was born 17 Mar 1815 in Raleigh, Wake, North Carolina.

1845:  Clarksville, Red River County, TX: “We are authorized to announce John R Lunsford as a candidate for the Militia in Beat No 5, 1st Regiment, 4th Brigade, T Militia.” The Northern Standard Clarksville, Red River, Texas.”  Only a guess that this is our John R Lunsford.

1846:  Robertson County, Texas Poll Tax.  No day or month given. Before their marriage?  They were married on 21st Jan 1846….so it isn’t likely.  It appears they are listed separately as Sarah Harrison and John R Lunsford.  Sarah is only 15 years old in 1846.  Born in Apr of 1830.  Question:  Would they tax a 15 year old?  Perhaps this Sarah is the widowed mother of our Sarah Sallie Harrison?  The 1846 Texas Poll Tax does have a John Harrison and a John S Harrison both in Navarro County and a William G Harrison in Anderson County, which borders Navarro.  Sarah’s relatives?

1846:  Sarah is only 15 years old and will not be 16 until Apr.  J R is 30 years old. Married on 21 Jan 1846 Robertson County, TX… John R Lunsford to Sarah Harrison.  Married by famous Baptist Minister, Noah Byars, who lived at one time in Old Franklin, Robertson County, Texas and in who’s shop in 1836 in Washington County, Texas, the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed.  Below:  photo of Noah Byars.

(My sister Della showed my daughter, Kim, a copy of JR Lunsford and Sallie Harrison’s marriage license.  Kim took notice of the  Baptist minister who married them and did some historical research on him and then of course we found that he was living next door to JR and Sallie on their first census together as man and wife, the 1850 Navarro County, Texas Census. Thanks to Della and Kim.

Pastor Noah Turner Byars

1846:  Navarro County, TX:  John R Lunsford: His stock brand was registered.

1850:  5 Oct 1850 in Navarro County, TX.  “Lansford”.  He and Sallie’s first Federal Census together. Pastor Noah Byars is their neighbor on one side and the widow of John West is on the other.

1860:  Division, Hill, Texas:  “Lunceford”. Hill County is next to Navarro County.  Not sure he moved his residence…the counties kept getting realigned. Stock raiser.

1864:  23 Jan 1864 Meridian, Bosque, Texas , Texas Muster Roll Index Card.  J R Lunsford born 1815.  Also, US Civil War Soldiers 1861-1865 John R. Lunsford Confederate.  Name of Regiment, 9 (Young’s) Texas Infantry. Rank in:  Corporal and Rank out:  Corporal

1870:  Bosque County, TX.  “Lamedsford”.  Census page 11 & 12, family no. 82. I made the spelling correction on the census sheet @ so others could find it. My daughter, Kim, found this by looking at every page in Bosque County.  I’m so glad she found it for it uncovered more information for the ancestry of our John R Lunsford family.  J R’s son Hiram and family also on Census page 12, family no. 84 and spelled “Lunnford” and…right next door, family no. 85…one who I believe to be Hiram’s cousin…John R “Luntsford”, born in NC in 1837, wife Martha Wheeler. YES….ALTHOUGH ONLY CIRCUMSTANTIAL…I HAVE LOTS OF OTHER Circumstantial EVIDENCE…. TO SUGGEST THEY ARE RELATED.  Update:  DNA has proved relationship connection. His father is Hiram Lunsford (a family name), born in 1793 in North Carolina and I think he is closely related to our J R.   Update:  See Blog:  “John R Lunsford Family United with Another Lunsford Clan”.

1880:  East Lampasas, Lampasas, Texas.  “Lanfad”  Stock raiser.

1891:  His daughter Mollie “Polly” Lunsford, marries  William Maddin in Lampasas, and is my Grandma Nellie Maddin’s parents.

2 Mar 1900:  Dies in Lampasas, Texas at the age of 84.  Buried @ Oak Hill Cemetery in Lampasas.

7 Aug 1900 Confederate Pension was given to widow Mrs Sallie Harrison, death of her husband J R Lunsford on 2 Mar 1900.  Married in 1846 in Navarro County, Texas.  See Alabama, Texas and Virginia, Confederate Pensions, 1884-1958.