My Phelps DNA Results and Clarifying Some Mysteries

Please always do your own research.  I’ve been known to make mistakes. has done us a great service.

They not only take our DNA sample and show us where our ancestry is from in the world  (at least for females, males have an extra chromosome and I think they can do even more with their DNA)…then, if you have a public tree they match your DNA with other trees (who’ve had their DNA done by Ancestry) in the system.  This process can find those closely related to us…1st, 2nd, and 3rd cousins…but even more distant cousins. Ancestry actually shows us (when possible) what surnames we share with those DNA matches.  I only had private trees in the system (used for research only), so I quickly made a public tree that contained direct descendants only and went back as far as I could go and submitted it. Wonderful!

I will take the first 5 connections in each of my family surnames and display them for my readers (a separate blog post for each surname), adding more as I continue research on the results.

Because of brick walls, I was interested in the 5-8th cousins list and even “Distant Cousin” in order to find out if some of my theories about our ancestry would pan out, or to learn more about us. Here’s what I’ve found so far.

I’m very excited to report to you that my DNA has been connected to the Lost Daughters of Ezekiel and Malinda (Stice) Phelps.  Please review my Blog Post:  “The Lost Children of….” It was my very first blog post…posted 3 years ago.  These lost children (2 girls and 1 boy) are listed on the 1830 & 1840 Federal Census in Missouri.  Because they got married before the 1850 Federal Census (which lists everyone in the household by name) we did not know who these children were: The two girls have now been identified and confirmed…the boy is yet unknown…but I think DNA will prove helpful to identify him also.

1.  DNA Connected to Melinda Jane Phelps born abt 1828.  Since Ezekiel and Malinda were married in Jul of 1827, I’m thinking she is probably their first born after that date.  She married Richard Dillard Upchurch in Scotland County, MO on the 16th of Apr 1848.  His parents were: Whitney Upchurch and Elizabeth Goodwin. Richard had been married before to Martha Maxey who died in 1846. Richard and Melinda’s first census together was the 1850 Federal Census in Schuyler County, Missouri, (which borders Scotland County to the west and borders Adair County to the north).  They are listed with their two small sons, William H Upchurch age 2 and James E Upchurch age 0.  By 1860 they were in California with many of their other relatives…including Ezekiel Phelps and family. The DNA trail is through their daughter Eliza A Upchurch b 1853 in Schuyler County, Missouri and died 29 May 1923 in Napa County, California.  She married William Green Perry Wagnon b 1837 in Arkansas and died 30 Aug 1913 in Napa County, California. Next is their daughter Eva Letita Wagnon b 1878 California and died 1960 Napa County, California.  She married Holt Andrew March b 1875 in Missouri and died 1953 in Napa County.  (This March family is also related to us). You should be able with the above information to add this daughter of Ezekiel and Malinda Phelps to your tree.

eva wagnon
Eva L (Wagnon) and husband Holt Andrew March.  Eva is a direct descendant of Ezekiel Phelps and Malinda (Stice).  The March family is also connected to us.

The above and below photos were originally posted on by Morrisdorren, my DNA connection to this family.

clinton march
Clinton March, s/o Eva (Wagnon) and Holt March.  Direct line of descent from Ezekiel Phelps and Malinda (Stice)

For more informtaion on these Lost Daughters of Ezekiel Phelps #1 and #2 see my Blog Post:

2.  DNA Connected to Martha Patsy Phelps.  See above mentioned blog post for more information.  I’ve been secure in this daughter’s parentage for some time as a relative told me they had her death certificate and that it stated her parents as Ezekiel Philps and Jane Stice.  However, it is nice to know that my DNA also incudes her family.  The tree that connects our DNA match begins with Nelson Grogan and a Martha Unknown. The Martha Unknown is Martha Patsy Phelps b abt 1829 in Missouri and died  1902 in Bismarck, North Dakota. She married Nelson Grogan in Adair County, Missouri on 26 Mar 1848.  From there it goes through their daughter Sarah Elizabeth Grogan b 1858 in California and died aft 1900 in probably Missouri.  She m George Washington Turk in 1876 in Schuyler County, Missouri. Next is their daughter Mary Frances Turk b 1886 in Iowa and d 1943 in Iowa.  She m Charles Robt Taylor (b 1882 MO and d 1949 in Iowa).  Their daughter is Alice Ruth Taylor b 1923 Iowa and d 1993 Florida.

Photo below was originally posted on by cindylhewe my DNA 4-6th cousin catagory. In my tree she is my 4th cousin.  Right on!

Ruth Taylor
Alice Ruth Taylor descendant of Ezekiel Phelps and Malinda Stice

3.  DNA Connected to Edy Phelps:  Daughter of Ezekiel and Malinda (Stice) Phelps b 1838 Missouri and d bef 1874 in Missouri.  She m George Rogers in 1854 in Adair County, Missouri.  Their son George Washington Rogers b 1863 in Missouri and d 1931 in Colorado and m Margaret Watts.  Their daughter Edith Rogers b 1889 in Arkansas and d 1979 in Missouri.  Edith m Pleasant Foster and had daughter Juanita Mae Foster b 1917 in Colorado and d 1995 in Missouri.

Edith Rogers

Above photo of Edith (Rogers) Foster.  Direct line descendant of Ezekiel and Malinda (Stice) Phelps.  Originally posted on by bendawrn2 my DNA connection.

4.  DNA Connected to Asa Phelps:  Asa is the son of Ezekiel and Malinda (Stice) Phelps. He was b 1851 in Adair County, Missouri and d 1934 in Kansas.  He m Viola Lindsey in 1872 in Missouri.  Their daughter Allie Melinda Phelps was b 1878 in Missouri and d 1966 in Oklahoma.  Allie m Joseph Ham in 1894 in Oklahoma and they had daughter Anna Odella Ham b 1906 in Oklahoma and d 2004 in Oklahoma.  Anna m Harlo Chester Camp.  They had daughter Eleanor June Camp b 1925 in Oklahoma and d 2010 in Oklahoma.

The following images of top Allie Melinda Phelps and bottom Anna Odella Ham were originally posted on by BarbaraPercival another DNA connection for Asa Phelps.

allie melinda ham

anna ham

The following photo was originally posted on by Dona Geisler of Eleanor June Camp.

eleanor camp

5.  DNA Connected to: Elizabeth Jane Phelps daughter of Ezekiel and Malinda (Stice) Phelps b 1841 Adair County, Missouri and d 1911 in Saline County, Missouri at Arrow Rock. She m John Moore and they had Elizabeth Ann Moore b 1862 in Missouri and d 1937 in Saline County, Missouri.  Elizabeth Ann m William Nicely and they had daughter Della Frances Nicely b 1902 in Saline County, Missouri and d 1990 at same. Della m Harley Mitchell and had daughter Edith Juanita Mitchell b 1923 in Saline County, Missouri and d 2012 in Boone County, Missouri.  Edith m Nathan Wright. I am DNA connected to cheryltilly1 for this family and debbiemfox.

The image below is of Elizabeth Ann Moore originally posted on by DanaB442.  Elizabeth is the granddaughter of Ezekiel and Malinda (Stice) Phelps.

elizabeth ann moore

The image below is of Della Frances Nicely and Claude Hinton originally posted on by DanaB442.

della nicely

Below image is of Edith (Mitchell) and husband Nathan Wright on their marriage day originally posted on by diannesmith1956.

edith wright

5.DNA Connected to: Robert E Phelps:  Son of Harvey and Pollyanna (Ivie) Phelps. Robert was b 1869 in Cedar County, Missouri and d 1943 in Arizona.  He m Rebecca Girard and they had daughter Myrl Joy Phelps b 1902 Missouri and d 1991 in State of Washington.  Myrl m Harlin Page and they had daughter Patricia Lou Page b 1924 California and d 2015 in Washington. Patricia m William George Taylor. Cheryl5491 is my DNA connection and she has posted the following photos on  She is currently writing a book about her adventurous ancestors.  She has also recently made contact with descendants of Henry Phelps of whom we thought died without leaving any children.  Thank you Cheryl!

Robert Phelps2
Robert Phelps, s/of Harvey and Pollyanna (Stice) Phelps.
Myrl Joy Phelps
Myrl Joy (Phelps) Page, d/of Robert and Rebecca (Girard) Phelps.  Wife of Harlin Page.

6.  DNA connected to Melissa Phelps:  Daughter of Harvey and Pollyanna (Ivie) Phelps.  I worked hard to follow the lives of each of Harvey and Pollyanna (Ivie) Phelps children.  Each had their own challenges.  Melissa was born in 1863 in Washington, Cedar, Missouri and is on her parents 1870 Federal Census there.  In about 1879 she married James Parker.  James’ parents were:  James Harvey Parker and Mary Ann Miller. He was born 1852 in Kentucky.  Melissa and James had a daughter named Rowena Parker born 1890 and died 1918 in Jackson, Missouri. She married Artie Earl Gentry in 1906 in Jackson County and had a son, William Roy Gentry, Lt Colonel WWII Korea buried in Arlington Cemetery.  He married Anna Lewis. I am now DNA connected to Melissa through the Gentry family DNA, through gentrysusan.  See my blog post:


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