Hiram Lunsford, Son of Allen, Sr and Elizabeth Lunsford

Please do your own research and do not assume I’m correct.

Update:  I am officially connected to Hiram’s DNA through Ancestry.Com.  Hurrah!!

Although not mentioned in Allen Lunsford, Sr’s Will….I believe John R Lunsford is still a potential half-brother/cousin to Allen Lunsford, Jr and his brother Hiram Lunsford. There is a DNA connection somehow.

Hiram Lunsford.  Born abt 1793 in probably Iredell County, North Carolina.

1800 Federal Census (his father’s) : Salisbury, Iredell, NC.   He is about 7 years of age and is listed as male under 10 years of age. Iredell was formed out of Rowan County in 1787.  Rubin Fletcher  and George Mullis also live in Iredell County.

1820 Federal Census (his father’s):  Iredell County, NC.  He is abt 27 and is listed as male 16-25.  Iredell County, NC.  Rueben and James Fletcher and James Mullis also live in Iredell County.

1823 (abt):  Marriage to Amelia “Millie” Hudspeth:  Probably North Carolina. Date is determined by birth of first child.?

Spouse:  Amelia “Millie” Hudspeth:  Born 1802 Surry County, NC and died aft 1870 in Goliad County, Texas.    Parents:  Carter Hudspeth and Fanny Youse.  Her father’s will: See: http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=grantpinnix&id=I118290

Her father Carter Hudspeth’s will dated 7 Feb 1834 in Surry County states:

I give unto my GrandSon CARTER LANSFORD the land and premises that I lent unto my wife after her decease or upon the time she should quit her residence that in either case then said CARTER LUNSFORD is to have said Land and premises, and I further give my Said Grandson CARTER LANSFORD all the remaining balance of my real estate whatsoever it may be. Also one feather bed and furniture. As to the remaining part of my perishable Estate my will is that it be sold by my Executors and to be divided equally divided with the children of POLLY MILLER, wife of JOHN MILLER and MILLY LANSFORD wife of HIROM LANSFORD.

1830 Federal Census: Hiram Lunsford:  Surry County, North Carolina.  Male 30-39.

1833 Death of Father-in-Law, Carter Hudspeth .  Hiram and Amelia’s children received inheritance.  Son Carter received most…see above Will of Carter Hudspeth.

1834  Bondsman for his sister Elizabeth to Thomas Brown.  26 July 1834 in Surry County, NC.

1840 Federal Census:  Hiram Lunsford: Surry County, North Carolina.  Male 50-59

1846 Early Tax List:  Hiram Lunsford:  Saline County, Arkansas Also some Fletchers. http://files.usgwarchives.net/ar/saline/history/pub/sal1840.txt

1850-Sep:  Son Carter dies in Saline Arkansas, at the age of 22, born in NC.  Cong. Fever.  See U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules Index for 1850.

1850 Federal Census:  9 Oct 1850 – Saline District, Saline, Arkansas,  Hiram Lunsford-1799 NC, Amelia-1804 NC, James W-1824 NC, Mary-1832 NC, Amy-1834 NC, William-1836 NC, Davis-1836 NC, John-1838 NC, Josiah-1840 NC, Caroline N-1840 NC, Bethina-1842 NC, Amos R-1845 Arkansas.  10 children on this census.  Elizabeth had already married and Carter had died a few weeks before census.

1853:  April.  Age 60.  J M Tudor vrs H Lunsford in Court.  See:  http://www.argenweb.net/saline/clerknote.htm

Also:  http://www.argenweb.net/saline/comlawb.htm

1855:  Listed as Guardian for his children in the Harrison County, Texas School System under Harmon Lunsford.  See:  http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~txharris/School/1855SchoolCensusDist7.htm

1861: Texas Muster Call: Goliad County, Texas,  age 68. Private Hiram Lunsford. Home Service  See:  Ancestry.com  Seems too old to be enlisted for military service??

1870 Federal Census:  20 Jul 1870 Goliad County, Texas, (age 71) and wife Amelia is with him and brother ALLEN (age 63). Farmer. Allen was born in 1807 in North Carolina.  It doesn’t state they are brothers…I’m assuming.  Melisse Lunsford is living a few doors down with 2 year old son, Allen Lunsford. I’m thinking she is the widow of Hiram’s son, Josiah Lunsford.  See more information on Josiah’s details.  Melisse is the daughter of Salathiel Goff and Margaret Nancy Flesher.  Find-A-Grave says she was Hiram’s son John R Lunsford’s wife…but I have a different wife for him and John R died in 1912.  ??

1880 Federal Census:  Bosque County, Texas.  A widower, age 81. He is living with Venton or Burton Farris and wife Annie (Deggs).  He is a boarder.  So far I have found no family connection with this Farris family.  I can’t understand why Hiram’s children have not taken him in.

1882 Texas Land Grants:  3 May 1882  Milam, Bosque, Texas.  Mil.Pre  131 acres.  See Texas Land Title Abstracts.  He is about 89 years old. ??? Is there another Hiram Lunsford in this same area?

Probably died in Bosque County, Texas after 1882.

Note:  While in Saline County, Arkansas, Hiram (and brother Allen, Jr, and son Carter) are listed in Deed Books.  There are no dates:  See:  http://www.argenweb.net/saline/deed2.html

1842-1854, “Common Law Book” for Saline County, Arkansas.  It reads Hiram Lunsford for “gaming”…Hiram and Allen Lunsford for “larceny”…Plaintiff Leonidas Bean and Defendant Hiram Lunsford  appeal…and Alijah Davis, Plaintiff and Hiram Lunsford Defendant…debt..  See:  http://www.argenweb.net/saline/comlawb.htm

I wonder if we’ve been blaming some of the “Lunsford Gang” activity on our J R Lunsford and sons when it was really these Lunsfords on the Texas-Arkansas border. They have the same given names….Allen, Hiram, and even John R (J R).???

Children of Hiram Lunsford and Amelia “Milly” Hudspeth

The Texas, Voter Registration Lists, 1867-1869 for Goliad County… has the names of two of Hiram’s sons crossed out and listed as dead.  Amos R Lunsford, and J C  Lunsford (I’m assuming these initials are for Josiah C Lunsford).   Also,  their son James W was brutally murdered in 1870 in neighboring De Witt County, Texas (See below).

1) James W Lunsford:  Born abt 1824 in NC and died Jul 1870 in DeWitt County, Texas, this county borders Goliad County.  Sutton/Taylor Feud: He was found brutally shot to death by unknown.  2 shots in the head, 2 in the jaw and 6 wounds in the body by persons unknown. See:      http://us-census.org/pub/usgenweb/census/tx/dewitt/1870/mortality.txt

Also:  https://books.google.com/books?id=U1paKcqmEJUC&pg=PA322&lpg=PA322&dq=Sutton+Feud+in+Goliad+County,+Texas+Lunsford&source=bl&ots=zETkltwRqx&sig=Z7qHg6xfPwyz8OP1xsD562raY1c&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CCoQ6AEwAmoVChMIooCHmvPGxwIVw_0eCh1GgA9p#v=onepage&q=Sutton%20Feud%20in%20Goliad%20County%2C%20Texas%20Lunsford&f=false

He was married to Sarah Ann Ussery and had one daughter, W L Lunsford in 1859.

2)  Elizabeth Lunsford: Born abt 1827  probably in Surry County, NC and died unknown. She married William (M or W) Whitley in 1847 in Saline County, Arkansas.  They had one daughter named Mary Janette Whitley.

3)  Carter Lunsford:  Born abt 1828 probably Surry County, NC and died in Oct of 1870 in Saline County, Arkansas, age 22.  Never married.  From how I interpret it he was bequeathed most of his maternal grandparents estate at their death. ?? (See above will for Carter Hudspeth).

4)  Mary Ann “Polly” Lunsford:  Thanks to Sue on Ancestry.Com for helping me put this family together.  Mary Ann was born 20 May 1832 in NC and died 2 May 1919 in Williamson County, Texas which borders Travis County, near Austin.  Married  1) William H B Simmons probably about 1855 in Texas. Mary “Polly” Lunsford and William Simmons had 8 children, Hiram, William Harvey, Lee, Wigfall, Callie, Loutishie, James and Walter.  William passed away in 1870 and Mary Ann “Polly” is listed as a “widow” with her children in Washington County, TX on the 1870 Federal Census in Washington County, TX.   She married 2) Thomas Jefferson Johnson (b 1836 in Louisiana)  in 1875 in Lee County, TX and had a son, Amos Roland Johnson in 1871. His death certificate verifies his birth date and parents. Her 1880 Federal Census is in Lee County, TX with husband Thomas Johnson and her Simmons children, as well as her son Amos Roland Johnson, born 1877.  Thomas Jefferson Johnson was a widower when he married Mary Ann. Note: My DNA connection comes through Mary Ann and then her son Amos Roland Johnson.

Now it gets a little complicated.  Mary Ann (Lunsford) Simmons and James Johnson divorced soon after they were married (according to Find a Grave bio) and never had any children.  He married for a third time but Mary Ann never married again. On Mary Ann’s 1900 Federal Census in Van Zandt County, Texas she is listed as Mary Simmons “widow” living with her son James Simmons and family.  Listed as “widow” on 1910 Census, (living with her son William Simmons) and again on her Death Certificate as Mary Simmons.  She obviously went back to her “Simmons” last name after the divorce.

Interesting Family Connection:  On Mary Ann’s 1910 Federal Census in Lampasas…on the following page is Daniel W Casbeer who is married to Nannie Lunsford, (daughter of J R Lunsford and Sarah Harrison). The Casbeer’s have their niece Laura (Maddin) living with them.

Don’t forget that Thomas Maddin and Mary Strickland’s daughter, Laura Alice Maddin, b 1856 Arkansas…married a James Thomas Johnson b 1852 in TX.  His people also came to TX from Louisiana…just like the Thomas Johnson who married Mary Ann “Polly” Lunsford.  I’m thinking they are some how related.  Any ideas?

Mary Ann “Polly” (Lunsford) Johnson’s Death Certificate states Hiram Lunsford and Milly Hudspeth as her parents.  The Simmons are connected to the 1888 Austin and Lampasas, Texas Postcard (See Post titled “The 1888 Austin & Lampasas, TX Post Card…..”) and links the Simmons with our John R Lunsford clan.

Thanks again to Sue for helping me clarify my listing for Mary Ann…eventually, with all of our input….perhaps we can find the story of our ancestors.

5)  Amy Jane “Milly” Lunsford:  born Sep 1834 NC and died Sep 1926 Goliad, Goliad, Texas.  Death Certificate states parents are Hiran Lunsford and Milly Hudspeth.  She married Lafayette Phillips and had 3 children, Frankie “Fannie”, Emma Patten , and Colby Dillard Phillips.

6)  Davis (David) Lunsford:  born abt 1836 in NC.  May be a twin to William.  He died in 1874 in Texas.  Davis married 1)  Martha Jane Holt (born 1849 in Hamilton County, TN and died abt 1870 in Polk County, TX).  They had one child, John Lee Lunsford born 6 Jun 1867 in Goliad County, TX and died 29 Aug 1945 in Liberty County, TX.   2) marriage was to Mary Mollie Young, 29 Jul 1871 in Bosque County, TX. See Below for how this connects us (descendants of John R Lunsford and Sarah “Sallie” (Harrison) with these Lunsfords from North Carolina.

1840 Federal Census:  (his father’s Census), Surry County, NC.  (1) male 5-9

1850 Federal Census:  Saline County, Arkansas.  His parents census.  Davis Lunsford age 14.

1861 Texas Muster Roll Index Card.  Goliad County, Texas.  D Lunsford.

1866:  (abt)  Hamilton, TN.?  Marriage to Martha Jane Holt?  Not sure this is him.???

1870 Federal Census:  Bosque County, Texas.  David Lundsford Nail.  Enumerator made mistake of listing him with the rest of the “Nail” family.  I’m quite sure it is him.

1871 Marriage: 29 Jul 1871 Bosque County, Texas.  David Lunceford and Mollie Young.  See:  http://www.okgenweb.org/~okgarvin/kinard/bosquelmarr.htm

Mary Mollie (Young) Lunsford. Originally posted on Ancestry.com by Linda Houck
Mary Mollie (Young) Lunsford. Originally posted on Ancestry.com by Linda Houck

Bride:  Mary “Mollie” May Young born on 25 Mar 1854 in Wilson County, TN and died in 1928 in Dallas, Texas. Her parents were Demetrius E and Martha “Mattie” Young. They have one daughter, Ella Lunsford.

1874:  Death in Texas, probably in Goliad County, Texas.

Children of Davis/David Lunsford and Mollie Young:  Ella Lunsford 13 Nov 1873 Texas and died 17 Mar 1966 Los Angeles, CA. Her CA death record states her mother’s maiden name as Young but does not list her father’s name…just Ella Scroggin.  She married James M Scroggin in  abt 1898.  Her son Elmer’s California Death Index states his mother’s maiden name was Lunsford.

Ella (Lunsford) Scroggin. Originally posted on Ancestry.com by plwillie
Ella (Lunsford) Scroggin. Originally posted on Ancestry.com by plwillie

This is one of many connections with our JR and Sarah Sallie (Harrison) Lunsford Clan. Mollie (Young) Lunsford…was listed as Mollie Lunsford on her marriage certificate to our Wyatt Lunsford on 17 Jun 1876 in Bosque County, Texas (and not Mollie Young) because she was the widow of David/Davis Lunsford.  Her sister Emma Young married our Allen Lunsford.  See:  http://www.okgenweb.org/~okgarvin/kinard/bosquelmarr.htm

Mollie and Wyatt also had a daughter:  Nancy “Annie” Mae Lunsford  1878-1955

annie lunsford smith
Nancy “Annie” Mae (Lunsford) Smith. Originally posted on Ancestry.com by Linda Houck

Later Mollie and Wyatt Lunsford divorced and she married again to:  Louis Pearson.  They had a son:  John Henry Pearson 1883-1932.

7)  William M Lunsford: born 1835 in NC.  May be a twin to Davis/David (See above).

1840 Federal Census:  (his father’s) in Surry County, NC  male under 5.

1850 Federal Census:  Saline County, Arkansas.  His parents Census.  Age 14. William Lunsford.

1861 Texas Muster Roll Index  Rank 1st Corp.

1867 Marriage to Cynthia Unknown:  She was born 1832 in Arkansas and died 12 Jul 1925 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA. See:  California Death Index 1905-1939.

1880 Federal Census: Precinct 5, Hill, Texas.  William Sunsford and wife Cynthia.  No children.

1900 Federal Census: Precinct 4, Mills, Texas.  W M Lunsford and C A Lunsford.  No children.

1910 Federal Census:  Precinct 4, Mills, Texas.  William Lunsford and Cynthia A Lunsford.

1920 Federal Census:  Los Angeles District 73, Los Angeles, CA.  Visiting their Niece Ella (Lunsford) Scroggin.  William’s (potential) twin brother Davis/David’s child with Mollie Young.  William is 84 years old.  It states his occupation as engineer at pumping plant.

1924 Death: in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California.  Age 88.  See:  California Death Index 1905-1939.  Parents are not listed.

Children:  I can’t find any record of their having any.

8)  John R Lunsford born 23 Jun 1836 NC.

1840 Federal Census:  (his father’s)  Surry County, NC. male under 5

1850 Federal Census: (his father’s)  Saline County, Arkansas.  John Lunsford age 12 born in 1838 NC.

1860 Federal Census: Goliad County, Texas.  J R Lunsford  age 23 born in 1837 NC.  Head of house is A C Lunsford  b 1830 NC and M J Lunsford (Female) 1845 Alabama.  M J could be A C’s wife or sister, she’s only 15.   Who are these Lunsfords?  They are living next door to Joel Clark and family.  A tree on Ancestry.com has A C as a son to Hiram and Amelia. There is an Alfred C Lunsford in town…perhaps that’s what the initial stands for.

1862 Marriage:  2 Sep 1862 in Bosque County, Texas to Martha Jane Wheeler.  He was 26 and she was 17.  Her parents were Ambrose Alvadine Wheeler and Nancy Kinard.  Marriage transcript reads I R Sunsford and M Wheeler.   See:  http://www.okgenweb.org/~okgarvin/kinard/bosquesmarr.htm

Update:  Martha’s father, Ambrose A Wheeler was murdered in 1873 by the James C Reed gang.  James C Reed was married to the notorious Belle Starr.  Thanks to millerprtyof3 for posting the following newspaper article on Ancestry.com. See:  https://www.newspapers.com/clip/6179796/a_a_wheeler_murdered_by_jim_reed/

Findagrave states that he was also married to Melissa Goff (but I think she was married to his brother Josiah).  Can Findagrave be wrong?

1870 Federal Census: Bosque County, Texas.  John Luntsford, wife Martha and 2 children. He is living next door to our J R Lunsford’s son “Hiram” on this Census.!!!

1880 Federal Census: Van Zandt County, Texas.  John Lunsford and wife Martha J and six children.

1900 Federal Census: Van Zandt County, Texas.  Farmer. James R Luncford and wife Martha J and two children.  A Boarder named William Bromefeaf.

1904 His wife, Martha J, dies.  She is buried at Corinth Cemetery in Van Zandt County, Texas.

1910 Federal Census: Van Zandt County, Texas.  Widowed.  John R Lunsford.  His son John W and wife Emma are living with him.  He is 72 years old.

1912:  Death on 22 Dec 1912.  Age 76.  Farmer.  Buried @ Corinth Cemetery in Van Zandt County, Texas.  I have searched through Texas Death Certificates to no avail. The only thing remotely close is a J R Lankford that died in Aug of 1912 in bordering county of Kaufman of insanity at the North Texas Hospital for the Insane.  The year of birth is wrong and it states he is married.  ?????  I don’t think it can be him.

Children of John R Lunsford and wife Martha J (Wheeler) Lunsford:

Andrew Johnson Lunsford – abt 1866 TX

Hiram R Lunsford – 23 Aug 1867 TX died 12 Dec 1913 Van Zandt County, TX.  He married Elizabeth Large abt 1890. Death Certificate Harem Livingford…states death was from Gun Shot???  Father J R Lunford and mother Martha Whaler. Married.  No listed informant on Death Certificate.

Emma Lunsford – abt 1874 Texas

Allen Lunsford – abt 1874 Texas – From 1900 Census through 1930 a Allen Lunceford was in North Texas Hospital For The Insane in Kaufman County, TX.  This County borders Van Zandt County. He died in 1956 in Austin, Travis, TX.  Not sure it is the right Allen Lunsford?

Mary Lunsford born abt 1877 Texas.

9)  Josiah C “Joe” Lunsford:  born in 1840 NC  a twin to Caroline.

1850 Federal Census: (his father’s) 10 years old.

1855:  Harrison County, Texas.  Listed in school with his father Hiram as his guardian.  His name is listed as Joseph.  Uncle Allen and his children are also named in this school. http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~txharris/School/1855SchoolCensusDist7.htm

1861:  Military.  Muster Roll Index Card. J Lunsford, PVT  Home Protection.  Goliad County, Texas.

1862:  Enlisted Military.  Josiah C Lunsford.  8th (Hobby’s) Infantry.U S Confederate Soldier.

1866:  Marriage to Melissa Goff??  Find-A-Grave states she is the wife of Josiah’s brother John R Lunsford.  Melissa and 2 year old child named Allen Lunsford are living with her parents on the 1870 census in Goliad County, Texas.  Their child  Allen J Lunsford was born 3 Oct 1867 Goliad County, TX.  He died 20 Jan 1890 in Fannin, Goliad, TX at the age of 22. He is buried at Live Oak Cemetery in Goliad County.  See: http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Lunsford-671

Josiah died 26 Dec 1867 Goliad County, TX

Melisse remarried in 1873 to Marcus Morris born in Alabama in 1830 and died in 1910 in Fannin, Goliad, Texas.  She died 6 Oct 1913 in Fannin, Goliad, Texas.

10) Caroline N Lunsford: born 1840 NC.  A twin to Josiah.

1850 Federal Census:(Her father’s) Saline District, Arkansas.  Age 10.

1855:  Harrison County, Texas School.  Guardian Hiram Lunsford.  Uncle Allen Lunsford and his children are also listed at this school.

11)  Bethany Atline Lunsford:  born 1842 in NC.

1850 Federal Census:  Saline District, Arkansas (Her father’s)

1855:  Harrison County, Texas School.  Her father is listed as her Guardian. Her Uncle Allen and his children are also listed here.

1860:  abt 1860…Marriage to Japheth Powell Greenwood.  Could be Arkansas or Texas. He had been married before to Matilda Robinson in Sevier County, Arkansas. Japeth was born in 1824 TX.  His parents were John T Greenwood and Margaret (Kirkpatrick).  He is 16 years her senior.

1867:  Texas Voter Registration in Grimes County.

1880 Federal Census: Grimes County, Texas with 9 children.

1900 Federal Census:  Grimes County, Texas.  A widow with her son Dexter living with her.

1925:  Death 17 Apr 1925 in Grimes County, Texas. She is buried at Carbon-Restland Cemetery in Carbon, Eastland, Texas.

12)  Amos R Lunsford:  born in 1844 in Arkansas.

1850 Federal Census:  (His father’s)  Saline County, Arkansas.  Age 5.

1853:  Came to Texas  1867 according to Voter’s Registration for Goliad County, Texas which shows how long he’d been in Texas and in County.

1855:  School in Harrison County, Texas.  His father is listed as his guardian.  His uncle Allen and his cousins are also attending this school.

1859:  Came to Goliad County according to 1867 Voter’s Registration Document.

1861:  Goliad County, Texas.  Texas Muster Roll Index Card.  Only has “A” for first name. Could also be Alfred C Lunsford.

1863:  Civil War.  Confederate.  Private in Yager’s Texas Calvery. Mounted Rifles.  Enlisted in Company “A” Texas First Calvary.  May have died in the Civil War.  Have found no marriage certificate or any other census records for him.

We need to find the family connection in Rusk and Harrison County, TX, which is where these Lunsford’s first appear in Texas.


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6 thoughts on “Hiram Lunsford, Son of Allen, Sr and Elizabeth Lunsford”

  1. In addition to living next to our John R’s son, John R and family is on the previous page and running over onto the same page. They are definitely related…but how?

  2. All evidence has been circumstantial…but now with the DNA connection as well….we can be very sure we are related. But we continue to wait for the “how”. It would’ve been settled if our John R was included in Allen, Sr and wife’s will, but he wasn’t. Allen, Jr and Hiram were, however. This leaves us right back to “how”, without any paperwork for proof. There is one name these Lunsfords do not have in common with our John R….Wyatt. They share Allen, Hiram, but not Wyatt. Perhaps “Wyatt” is from our John R being more directly related to Nimrod Lunsford and wife Elizabeth Wyatt…????? Hope DNA will continue to guide us to the answer. Thanks Kim for commenting.

  3. Im enjoying reading through this. We’re related I’m sure but I can’t put it together yet. I’m from the Joshua Lunsford born Alabama 1794>George Lunsford 1829>Joshua Lunsford 1866.

    1. Hi Jennifer…
      I’m always grateful to those who take the time to comment on my blog posts. I have looked to see if I had any of the three people you mentioned in my research tree and I do not. I was very interested in Joshua being born in Alabama because the Lunsfords in NC who then went to Texas also went to Alabama. It states in their biographies that after they were released from the Confederate Army the brothers went to Alabama before returning to Texas. I’ve often wondered what relatives they had there. I will check my Lunsford DNA connections again to see if I can find any connection between us.
      Thanks again for your comment,
      Blessings, BB

  4. Hello all . Is there someone I could email to send a picture to , to see if anyone can identify ? It’s on the Lunsford’s of Navarro, etc.

    I’m wildrosetexas@hotmail.com if you want to email me. Thx all for posting info, it’s very helpful.

    1. Hi Michelle…try posting the picture on another comment and see if that will work. Let me know if it doesn’t work and I’ll email you.

      I’m glad this blog has been helpful to you…
      Blessings, BB

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